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Transfer from
Chabot/Las Positas
UC Berkeley BioEngineering
Stephanie Sibert
Transfer year 2012
A little about me:
For real this time
A little about me, and how I got to
Graduated from California high school
Enrolled in Las Positas Collage
Child, Family & Community – A
Trigonometry –A
Fundamentals/Speech Communication - A
Fall 1999
Western Civilzation Since 1600 - A
The Classic Myths - B
Pre-Calculus Mathematics - A
Spring 2000
Quit. Got married. Started working in finance
Note: Please
don’t do this
Obtained Series 6, 63, 65 securities licenses,
life and health insurance license and real
estate license. Won sales awards, got
promotions…economy crashed and my
company shut down.
Fall 2006
Back to school
Introduction to Archaeology - A
Hist and Amer Cultures Calif - B
Spring 2007
Introduction to Health - A
General Psychology - A
Fall 2008
Intro to College Biology - A
Critical Reading and Comp - A Nutrition- A
Spring 2009
Intro to College Chemistry - A
Summer 2009
General College Chemistry I - A
Calculus I - A
Bible: History and Literature - A
Fall 2009
Calculus II - B
General Physics - A
General Zoology - A
Learning Disorder: Auditory processing
2010 reversal
deficit and
Intro to Cell Biology - A
Organic Chemistry - B
Critical Thinking/Writing Lit - A
Elementary Linear Algebra - A
Spring 2011
Critical Thinking/Writing - A
Summer 2011
Ordinary Differential Equation - A
General Physics II - B
General Physics III - B
Fall 2011
Introduction to Art - A
Comp Methods Engineer/ Science - A Electrical Circuits &
Devices - B
Spring 2012
Associate in Science, Chemistry Degree
May 25, 2012
Highest Honors
Why are you telling me this?
Because, everyone has a story.
Community collage vs. UC Berkeley
◦ CalSo – Engineering Orientation
◦ Student Parent Center
Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of it!
What is Bioengineering?
From UC Berkeley’s website [1]
◦ We like to think of it as the application of
engineering principles to biological systems…
A very broad field of study, bioengineering can
include elements of electrical and mechanical
engineering, computer science, materials,
chemistry and biology.
BioEngineering subdisciplines
 Biomechanics and cell and tissue
 Biomedical Devices
 Computational BioEngineering
 Imaging
 Premed
 Synthetic Biology
Sandia Scientific Honors Scholarship
and an internship at
Sandia National Labs
IR image processing using MatLab
Thermal Analysis
◦ 1D, 2D, 3D
◦ 9 layers, with top layer having temperature
dependent thermal properties
◦ Excel and MatLab Solutions
Custom micro-electronics construction
 Lots of cleaning and inventory checking
◦ Met lots of people
◦ Always Maximize your opportunities!
Class project: Mass Transport Phenomena
Internship at JBEI 6/2013 - current
Photo © Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
Tips for Engineering Transfers
Use ASSIST.org and university articulation websites. Check
and recheck, talk to a Chabot counselor, then check again.
◦ Things get missed
◦ Things change
Look into programs like TAP (transfer alliance project) that
assist you with applications and essay writing.
Visit booths of any colleges you may be interested in on
transfer day.
◦ Talk to the reps and don’t be shy about asking what they look for.
Consider an associates degree if you have the credits
◦ Even if it’s not the end step, it’s worth acknowledging the victory
Stephanie Sibert
[email protected]
Go Bears!