The Impact of Communication Technology

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Transcript The Impact of Communication Technology

The Impact of
CMT 11
Categories of Impact
Six categories that relate to
communication technology:
– Political
– Social
– Economic
– Environmental
– Cultural
– Ethical
Political Impact
Mass Media
Politicians have “media advisors” to make
them look and sound good in the media.
The media can influence the political process.
Popularity of candidates go up and down
depending on their media image.
Political Impact…
Satellite Communication
Allow governments around the world to
communicate with each other.
Countries can use satellites to spy on other
Mapping satellites photograph areas being
watched for defense purposes.
Social Impact
How people interact together is
influenced by communication
Social Impact –
Government Tracking
Government computers keep track of us by
our social insurance number and is used in
connection with drivers licenses, bank
accounts, income taxes, credit checks, and
Social Impact –
Education and Training
Computers entered classrooms in the
Internet and interactive video help
teachers to provide other ways of
Social Impact – Information
Storage and Retrieval
Now more then ever we are storing
information in databases (digital storage) and
Instantly locate the information easily.
Don’t even have to leave home!
We can shop online, spend money without
leaving the home.
Cons - information overload, high amounts
of debt among consumers.
Social Impact
How does communication technology
impact how we SOCIALIZE?
Brainstorm with your neighbor
Economic Impact
Businesses rely heavily technology for success
– Advertising of services and products
– Communication with other businesses, clients, etc.
– Manufacturing of goods and services.
With global communication comes a global
– Things that happen this morning in Tokyo can affect
business in New York City, thousands of miles away,
a few hours later.
Environmental Impact
Communication tends to be “clean”
– Compared to “smokestack” industries like
steel production, communication
industries are easier on our environment.
Environmental Impact Downside
Computers and photocopiers generate
more paper copies than ever before.
We harvest tress and use energy to
produce paper = environmental impact!
Cultural Impact
Many people believe TV has made us a
less literate society
School test scores have declined.
Could that be because we read less
and watch television more?
What about slang? LOL, WTF, OMG?
Cultural Impact - Violence
What about our attitude toward
Have they changed because of
When we constantly see violent
movies and violent stories on the
evening news, does it desensitize us
toward violence?
Ethical Issues
Ethical concerns have to do with
matters of right and wrong.
– Things that are unethical may not
necessarily be against the law, however,
most people agree that they are wrong.
With new developments in
communication come ethical problems.
Digital Editing
Digital files can be changed very easily
through digital editing.
– Example - digital editing of models.
It can and is also be used for
questionable purposes.
Digital Editing Continued
Digital sound editing enables an audio technician
to alter the voices and sounds.
They can make anyone sound good singing. Is
this right?
Computer Viruses
In the late 1980’s, computer viruses
became a major data security issue
Now spyware is a major security issue
Viruses and Spyware
Cause your computers to run slow
 Monitor your actions on the computer
 Track what sites you visited
 Copy and destroy files