Communication skills

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Top Tips
Making PSHCE a success
• Enthusiasm from teachers
• Importance as a subject area
• Consistency (Year groups, key stages
and academy as a whole)
• Relevance to students (developing skills
and knowledge that are transferrable)
What are the skills I need to use?
1. Organisational skills
Sorting out and planning things before you
do them.
2. Application
Using an aid to help you outline the most
important information then putting that
into written work.
3. Analysis
Looking at a lot of information but take
the main/ important parts from it.
4. Research skills
5. Team work
6. Communication skills
7. Listening skills
Finding out information using lots of
different sources e.g. books, TV, internet.
Being able to work with other people.
Being able to put across your ideas using
special vocabulary
Not just hearing what people say.
Listening means you think about and
maybe act on what people say.
8. Problem Solving
Giving ideas to solve (answer) any
9. Reasoning Skills
Giving an opinion but supporting it with a
10. Presentation Skills
11. Evaluation
12. Synthesis
Sharing your ideas with others.
Critically examine information and make
Going over work and bringing it together.
Using fun activities to help me remember
important work.
Examples of PSHCE in 8P
tutor group
Marking booklets
Pupil Presentations
Learning objective
• Discuss Human rights
• Analyse the UN’s
Declaration of Human
Rights in relation to
the IPF
Human Rights/ Irish
Potato Famine (IPF)
What are British Values?
• The United Nations is an organisation
involving 192 countries including the UK.
• Every country gets to vote on issues such as
the Environment, Trade and Human Rights.
Task: Discuss in
pairs any human
rights you know.
List them on the
front page of
your booklet
Communication skills
UN logo (right) and meeting of the
General Assembly (192 counties)
Did you know any examples of
Human rights?
Task: Have a look at the 29 Human Rights on
the next slide.
29 Human Rights…
In groups:
• Discuss which 1 Human Right you think is the most important.
Be prepared to share your choice with the class and give a
reason for it.
• Add at least 3 examples to the list on the front page of your booklet.
Reasoning Skills
Team work
Watch the video about the IPF. How is this
related to Human Rights and British Values?
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights had not yet be
established at the time of the IPF. But today the following
rights would have helped saves lives…
Reflection activityEvaluation skills
Discuss what impact the IPF has had on
British life in Britain today?
As a class... (3 mins)
•Give reasons
•What do you think (opinion)? Complete your
reflection booklet with your answer (5 mins).
Today’s skills!
(Useful in future education or a career)
Listening skills
Communication skills
Reasoning skills
Thank you for listening
Top Tips