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What is No Pens Day!?
A national day that focuses on our
speaking and listening skills (it means no
pens and no writing ALL DAY...)
There are thousands of other schools
taking part too!
We know that talking and listening are really
important! Even Wizards think so...
“Words are, in my
not-so humble
opinion, our most
source of magic!”
Quick quiz... true or false!?
1. 1 in 10 of all children and young people struggle with their
communication skills, through no fault of their own.
2. Language development is complete around the age of 9.
3. A good vocabulary can help you do well at school and in a
4. Talking and listening to young children is the most
important thing in helping them learn to talk.
5. Shouting really helps to get your message across.
Communication is important for loads
of things....
What do you use your
communication skills
So, the more you know about
communication, the better.....