Army`s Tactical Light Analysis System (ATLAS)

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Transcript Army`s Tactical Light Analysis System (ATLAS)

Army’s Tactical Light Analysis
System (ATLAS)
Austin Info Systems
The Problem
• Build a message management system that parses
incoming messages from various sources and
databases them into meaningful form
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The Requirements
• Accept incoming messages from various protocols
including FTP and SMTP and store them into a
user-accessible database
• Match user-defined criteria; Upon a match, notify
the user by any combination of the following:
email, alert box, beep and log
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The Solution
• The solution is comprised of 3 major packages:
• Communication Processer (CP)
– Provides all external communication connectivity
• Database Administrator (DBA)
– Provides a common suite of database functions to all
other modules
• Event Manager (EVM)
– Handles all processing and notification of events
Inside the UML
Rational Rose Model
• Check out the Army’s Tactical Light Analysis
System Rose model titled atlas.mdl on this CD
• For more information visit the Austin Software
Factory web site
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