The American Legion & Social Networking

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Transcript The American Legion & Social Networking

The American Legion &
Social Networking
Social Networks vs. Social Media
• Social networks:
• Facebook groups, Flickr, MySpace, LinkedIn, MyVetwork, Boomj.
• Primary function is to engage and empower our grassroots for
membership, activities and advocacy purposes.
• Secondary function is to serve as relay station for immediate news
releases, communication and educational material.
• Social Media:
• Twitter, Blog sites, YouTube, Facebook-Online Updates fan page.
• Primary function is to relay and publish real time news, and
communication to the public.
• Secondary function is to drive awareness and traffic to legion
branded publications online and in print.
Why they are important?
• It’s still about personal contact: the essence
is not technology, but the ability to connect us
to a network of communities to serve a
common purpose.
• It’s about community and communication:
Veterans and servicemembers are connecting
online, we need to communicate with them
our Pride and Purpose.
How to utilize web 2.0
• Engage and build relationship with veterans,
servicemembers, families and friends; let’s
start talking about The American Legion and
educate the public about what we do and who
we are.
• Empower our networks to think globally and
act locally; reinforce the grassroots and
energize our members and prospects by
activities and advocacy.
Our current status
• The American Legion @Facebook
Current members: 2339
• The American Legion @Twitter
Current followers: 491
• The American Legion @YouTube
• The American Legion @Flickr
Current photos: 1509; Current users: 223