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Interview with Dr Judy Kong,
Dr Doreen Wu from the
Department of Chinese & Bilingual
Studies and Dr Gail Forey from
the Department of English
About the new program
BA(Hons) in Language Studies for the Professions
By Law Ka Yan, 2004-05 PolyU Student Ambassador and Year 3
Student of BA(Hons) in Translation and Chinese
April 2005
Ka Yan: What are the characteristics of the new
programme, BA(Hons) in Language
Studies for the Professions? What are the
differences between this new programme
and the existing programmes BA(Hons) in
Language & Communication, BA(Hons)
in Language Studies with Business and
BA(Hons) in Translation and Chinese?
Dr Forey: Language Studies for the Professions is an
advanced language programme, which combines
the characteristics of the 3 existing programmes
offered by the Department of Chinese &
Bilingual Studies and Department of English.
This new programme aims to develop students’
ability in using Chinese and English languages
in an integrated manner.
More choices of electives will be provided and
students can choose to concentrate on the
subjects they like. The electives include
translation, interpretation, communication in
corporation, and office communication in
Japanese, etc. Students can choose subjects
based on their interest and future career plans.
Dr Forey: Students can enjoy a well-balanced
language training in Year 1 and
choose to study the subjects they
like in subsequent years.
Ka Yan: What kind of student is suitable to study
this new programme?
Dr Wu: Students who are interested in language,
culture and communication are more
suitable to study this programme. It
does not matter whether they are from
the arts, science or commerce streams.
Ka Yan: How does the programme meet the
expectations of the market and employers?
Dr Kong: Our new programme has its unique strengths
to meet the expectations of the market and
employers. Students are trained to use
Chinese and English languages in an
integrated manner and are also equipped with
the necessary communication skills.
Since the Closer Economic Partnership
Arrangement (CEPA) with China took effect
in January 2004, there are more and more
opportunities for Hong Kong to do business
with the Mainland. To meet the needs of
China trade, our programme will offer some
practical subjects such as Communication in
Greater China, Putonghua and Bilingual
Workshop. These can help students to better
prepare themselves for their future careers.
Dr Forey: Moreover, knowledge in Japanese
is a prerequisite of being offered a
job in some companies in Hong
Kong. Our department provides
students with a chance to study
Japanese. No doubt, this will
increase the competitiveness of
our graduates.
Ka Yan: What kind of jobs can the graduates of
this new programme take up?
Dr Wu: Graduates of this programme will
have a wide range of career choices.
Since the students are equipped
with advanced language and
communication skills, they will be
employed in a wide range of fields
such as sales and marketing,
journalism, media, education and
public relations, etc. Some students
may choose to further their studies
in Hong Kong or overseas.
Ka Yan: Will the department offer exchange,
summer placements or supplementary
courses to students?
Dr Wu: In order to develop the ability and
all roundedness of students, this
programme will offer many special
opportunities to students such as
exchange and summer placements.
Students may go on exchange in
China (e.g. Shanghai, Beijing) or
overseas (e.g. Australia, New
Dr Kong: A useful and compulsory module, WIE
(Work-integrated Education) is provided to
help students gain substantial work
experience. The department will arrange a
one-month summer internship for students,
they may work in Hong Kong, China or
overseas. Through this arrangement, students
will get familiar with different work
environments and can further apply their
knowledge in real-life situations.
Besides exchange and summer internship,
students may have a chance to take summer
language courses in China or overseas.
Do you want to be a highly effective multilingual
professional communicator? Do you have the
ambition to become a professional working in an
environment where a knowledge of both Chinese and
English, of languages and communication processes,
is highly valued?
If so, our tailor-made programme, BA (Hons) in Language
Studies for the Professions, offers you the opportunity to
gain a competitive edge in the world of professional
communication. For more information, visit our web site:
你希望自己能貫通語文學理, 成為中英兼擅的語文專才,在各類企業
本課程--專業中英語文(榮譽)文學士學位課程--特為你而設, 詳情請查
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