Fan has an abundance of types

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Transcript Fan has an abundance of types

Fan plays an important role in Chinese
civilization. It is closely related to bamboo
culture and buddle culture. China has a
reputation for the king country of fan
Colorful culture
 Fans have a long history in China. According to the 《古今
注》, the earliest fan came out in the Yin Dynasty, and was
made of wild chicken’s feather, later called the “YiShan”. In
Zhou Dynasty, the fans were mainly made of birds’ feather,
the “YuShan”. After the Han Dynasty , with the use of
bamboo for the frame, silk for the covering, fan became
popular in the palace, known as the “GongShan”.
 In SouthernSong dynasty , folding fan came out.
ZhanJinfeng in his《东图玄览》 recorded that“马远竹鹤,
 Early Ming, Yongle Emperor Zhu Di found that folding fans
stretch easily, smart handsome, easy to carry, so he
appreciated them very much. From then on, folding fans
widely spreaded.
Colorful Culture
 The covering of fan became the free area for
poetry ,lyrics ,calligraphy and painting.
 It peaked at Tang Dynasty. From the famous
picture 《簪花仕女图》 ,painted by
ZhouFang ,we can see the maids all hold fans
with pictures on them. At that time, the young
girls preferred to use round fans with drawing to
hide their faces. People thought that it made
them more lovely. Because of these, fan is also
called“Bianmian”, ”zhangmian”.
in Five Dynasties
by Gu Hong zhong
Some famous
pictures drew by
Tang Yin
Fan has an abundance of types
Ivory fan(象牙扇)
Sandalwood fan(檀香扇)
palm-leaf fan(芭蕉扇)
Feather fan(羽毛扇)
Folding fan(折扇)
Round fan (团扇)
Folding fan
 Since Song Dynasty, China began to produce
folding fans, most of which are made of paper
sticking around, and seldom are silk. The
earliest practicality in the history was unearthed
from the lacquered grave of South Song Dynasty
in Wujing of Jiangsu province. The lacquer ware
of characters, flowers is housed in Changzhou
Museum. On the cover, there is a picture of
"resting in summer" of one lady holding a fan,
another lady waving the folding fan tightly. From
this picture, we are sure that folding fan had
already been popular during South Song
Dynasty .
famous major branches
Suzhou Accor fan has an elegant fine
feature. Its major material is bamboo. The
frame of fan is always odd number.
Hangzhou black paper fan is made of pure
mulberry bark paper .The paper is pliable yet
tough and not easily broken, the color is
glossy black and can resist rain and
Yuezhou folding fan has a complex
production process, there are 34 processes,
and according to craft, it is divided into three
categories the fetal health, cooked births and
the covering of fan.
Initially, the fan is used to keep cool, shield
from wind and protect people from the
mosquitoes and flies. But now the utility
function gradually dies out, instead people
pay more attention to its artistry. It
contains many craftsmanship , such as
knitting, carving, embroidery, painting and
Wedding Invitation
 Picture the expression on your guests’ faces when they open the pouch containing
these exquisite fan invitations, gently removing the paper band and spreading the fan
to reveal their invitation to your wedding.
Delicate and ornate, these gorgeous fan wedding invitation provides your
guests with a timeless keepsake, announcing your wedding details.
Fan has seen the glorious history of China.
We believe fan will be enjoyed by more
and more people.
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