Three kingdoms (220 AD- 265 AD)

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Transcript Three kingdoms (220 AD- 265 AD)

Three kingdoms
(220 AD- 265 AD)
The only dynasty that was written
into a book
• This period is formed by three
kingdoms– Cao Wei, Eastern
Wu and Shu Han. They divided
China into three parts.
The first emperor of Wei was Cao
Pi, who was the son of Cao Cao.
The emperor in Shu was Liu Bei.
The emperor in Wu is Sun Quan.
Chaos: 184 AD- 192AD
Warlords divide Chinese lands:
193 AD- 207 AD
Three leaders began to invade and take lands from governors:
208 AD- 215 AD
Establishments of three kingdoms:
1.Wei: 220 AD
2.Wu: 222 AD
3.Shu: 229 AD
The family of Sima established dynasty of Ji: 265 AD
The ending of three kingdoms:
1. Shu: 263 AD
2. Wei: 265 AD
3. Wu: 280 AD
Chaos of eastern Han
Royalty family members plunder the
powers. “ Ten eunuchs” almost took the
powers from the emperor”.
The powered people began to take lands
and populations crazily. Plus with natural
disasters, leading a miserable life. people
gradually lose confidence in the
Huangjin Uprising
Leaders: zhang Jiao, zhang
Liang, zhang Jiao.
Time: March 5th, 184 AD- ending
of the year
After War:
Emperor’s power separated in
the governors’ hands.
Powerful governors and warlords
attacked each other to get lands.
During that period, the emperors
of Eastern Han were useless and
unable to own powers. This
continued until 220 AD
Therefore, the Huangjin Uprising
is the fuse for the ending of Han
The areas where Huangjin Uprising
189AD- 192AD
• A royal family member
started a political and
military uprising for
getting rid of the “ten
eunuchs”. As a result,
another powerful warlord
Dong Zhuo took the
power from the young
emperor, and ruled the
country cruelly for
another 3 years.
Independence of three
Cao Cao was lost during a battle
with Liu Bei and Sun Quan in 208
AD. This battle reduced Cao Cao’s
army and power for invading.
After this battle, Liu Bei began to
move southwestern China, and
took more lands.
Cao Pi forced the Han emperor to
abdicate in 220 AD, the Han
dynasty was completely over.
The establishments for three
kingdoms were held from 210 AD229 AD
The Sima family
• Sima yi was a general that
served in Cao’s army.
• His family took power from the
Wei kingdom during 249 AD
• Wei destroyed Shu in the 263
• Sima family forced Wei
emperor to abdicate and
established the Ji dynasty.
• In 280 AD, the period of three
kingdoms was finally over.
• People believed that Huangjin
Uprising was influenced the
• Hua Tuo was a popular
physician during three
kingdoms. He specializes in
surgery. He also Invented a
narcotic known as "Ma boiling
scattered” which lately known
as the original Surgical
• In Ming dynasty, Luo
GuanZhong(1330-1400) wrote
A Historical Novel that named “
the romance of three
• This book was known as One
of the four famous and
classical Chinese historical
• The other three are "Journey
to the West”, “Outlaws of the
Marsh "," A Dream of Red
• In the modern China, most
computer games companies
put more interests onto the
period of three kingdoms.