Dropping Of The Atomic Bombs On Japan

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Transcript Dropping Of The Atomic Bombs On Japan

Dropping Of The Atomic Bombs
On Japan
By: Brandon and Joe
When and Where it Happened
• The Atomic bomb was dropped on
Hiroshima on Monday, August 6th , 1945
• The second Atomic bomb was dropped on
Nagasaki on August 9th ,1945
Who Dropped it and Who Helped
Make It
• The first atomic bomb was tested in New
Mexico and Arizona
• The bomb was dropped by the United
States of America Air Force
• The bomb had to be cleared to be dropped
by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the War
Who Had a Big Role in The Bombing
• The united states did most of the work for
the bombing of Japan.
• They did have some help from the soviet
• The biggest role the united states played
in the bombing was the actual bombing
itself and the making of the bombing.
Why is The Event Memorable
• The atomic bombing in Japan is a
memorable moment because pearl harbor
was right before the bombing in Japan
• For some of the veterans who survived
pearl harbor, they might of taken this as
Why is This Relevant to WW2
• The bombings on Japan were relevant to
World War 2 because in WWII the
Japanese attacked pearl harbor which got
United States into the war.
• If the pearl harbor incident didn’t happen,
the bombings on Japan would not of been
relevant to World War 2.
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