What Are Human Rights? - SKKU International Summer Semester

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Transcript What Are Human Rights? - SKKU International Summer Semester

Day 2
What Are Human Rights?
Why Do We Study Them?
Jeong-Woo Koo
What Are Human Rights?: Story of HRs
Your Thoughts?
► How would you define human rights?
► Why do we need human rights?
► What do people need to live in dignity
(or living a life with dignity)?
► How about love? compassion?
Lovely parenting?
The Concept of Human Rights
The Working of Human Rights
► Rectitude: “the right thing to do”
► Entitlement: “someone having a right”
► A has a right to x with respect to B
► Who’s A? and Who’s B?
The Concept of Human Rights
In reality…several scenarios
a) Assertive exercise
b) Active respect
c) Objective enjoyment
Q) When are human rights put to use?
“In an ideal world, rights would remain not
only out of sight but out of mind as well”.
Special Features of Human Rights
Three characteristics
(1) Equal rights
(2) Inalienable rights
(3) Universal rights
Q) Don't you see anything controversial?
Legal Rights, Moral Rights, Citizenship
Are human rights legal rights or moral rights?
1. Legal Rights
2. Moral Rights
Q) How about citizenship rights?
“Human” Side of Human Rights
How does “being human” give a right?
1. Human needs
2. And?
What If Rights Are Actually Threatened?
How to seek remedies
What would be possible remedies you can resort to when your rights
are denied at Sungkyunkwan University?
Blau’s ideas
► People’s fundamental rights to development (Amartya Sen)
► Likewise, developmental rights for societies and nations
► That is, the rights of each person are connected to those of all
the others, while developmental goals of persons are connected with
those of societies and nations.
► “By linking the development rights of people with those of their
societies and states, the human rights perspective reinforces values
having to do with mutual responsibilities and obligations (Blau 2010:
► These mutual responsibilities and obligations go against
competitive individualism because it “delegitimizes selfish drives for
personal power and wealth that undermine the well-being of others
(Blau 2010: 23)”.
Blau’s Critique of Globalization and Market
Forces and More… 1
► Globalization and market forces are seen as responsible for
threatening rights of the disadvantages and their chances to secure
► Mutuality of regard, regard of others, rights of others are
instrumental in conceptualizing human rights. .
► Human rights involve basic human aspirations and needs, not
exclusively the individual’s civil, political, and material rights.
► The language of individual rights encourages people to consider
“my rights,” “my house” “my money” “my property,” and “my family,”
rather than “our community,” “our resources,” “our town,” and “our
List of human rights protected under international law
Lecture 5
1. Non-discrimination
2. Life
3. Liberty and security of the
4. Protection against slavery and
5. Protection against torture
6. Legal personality
7. Equal protection of the law
8. Legal remedy
9. Protection against arbitrary
arrest, detention, or exile
10.Access to independent and
impartial tribunal
11.Presumption of innocence
12.Protection against ex post facto
13.Privacy, family, home and
14.Freedom of movement and
16.Marry and found a family
17.Protection and assistance of
18.Marriage only with free consent
of spouses
19. Equal rights of men and
women in marriage
20. Freedom of thought,
conscience and religion
21. Freedom of opinion and
22. Freedom of the press
23. Freedom of assembly
24. Freedom of association
25. Participation in government
26. Social security
27. Work
28. No compulsory or forced labor
29. Just and favorable conditions
of work
30. Trade unions
31. Rest, leisure and paid holidays
32. Adequate standard of living
33. Education
34. Participation in cultural life
35. Self-determination
36. Protection of and assistance to
37. Freedom from hunger
38. Health
39. Asylum
40. Property
41. Compulsory primary education
42. Humane treatment when
deprived of liberty
43. Protection against
imprisonment for debt
44. Expulsion of aliens only by law
45. Prohibition of war propaganda
and incitement to
46. Minority culture
47. No imprisonment for breach of
civil obligations
48. Protection of children
49. Access to public service
50. Democracy
51. Participation in cultural and
scientific life
52. Protection of intellectual
property rights
53. International and social order
for realizing rights
54. Political self-determination
55. Economic self-determination
56. Women’s rights
57. Prohibition of the death
58. Prohibition of apartheid
• Consider the following examples
What about the case of Apple CEO?
List of Human Rights
How far can it expand?
How far should the list of human rights be expanded? What kinds of
rights can potentially be added to the currently available list of human