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Transcript Christianity

What is religion?
 Religion is generally considered a
spiritual practice, a set of beliefs based
on faith on a supernatural power that
governs the universe.
 It is mostly concerned with issues of
how we should live our lives and
providing explanations to things that
we do not fully understand or cannot
Why is religion important?
• Religion is important as a way for people
to come to terms with questions like, "Why
should I lead a good life?" and "What is
my purpose?“
• An understanding of the principles of
various religions may help people to be
aware of the reasons why others behave
or act in the way that they do.
What are the different views
of religion?
Polytheism-belief in many Gods
• Monotheism- belief in one God
• Atheism- belief in no Gods
What are the
three major
religions of the
What is Christianity?
• World’s largest religion
with about 2.2 billion
followers worldwide
• Religion based on the life
and teachings of Jesus
Christ who lived about
2,000 years ago
• Followers of Christianity
are called Christians
Facts about Christianity
• Started in Israel by Jesus
Of Nazareth
• The sacred text is the
Bible made up of the Old
and New Testaments
• Christians worship in a
church, chapel, or a
• Christian spiritual leaders
are called priests or
Christian Holy Days & Festivals
Good Friday
Facts about Islam
• World’s second
largest religion
• Founded by a man
named Mohammed
in Saudi Arabia
• Followers of Islam
called Muslims
Facts About Islam
• Islam’s holy book
is called the Koran
• Muslims follow
laws or the Five
Pillars of Islam
• Allah is the Islamic
name for God
Judaism: An Introduction
• One of the oldest
major religions
• Christianity and Islam
developed from
• First religion to teach
the belief in one God
• Started in Israel
Judaism: What Followers Believe
• One God
• Jewish people are
specially chosen by God
• Worship in Synagogues
• Spiritual leaders are
called Rabbis
• Jewish Holy Book is the
Hebrew Bible or Tanakh
• First 5 books of the
Tanakh called the Torah
Important Holy Days
• Sabbath: The Holy Day
 Weekly day of rest
 Sundown on Friday night to
sundown on Saturday night
• High Holy Days:
 Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New
Year Festival
 Days of Awe: 10 days
between Rosh Hashanah and
Yom Kippur
 Yom Kippur: most sacred and
solemn day
 Passover
 Other Festivals:
 Hanukkah: Festival of Lights