King Tut was buried near here. - The Greeting Card Association

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Transcript King Tut was buried near here. - The Greeting Card Association

Hurrah for Ra!
Life and art in Ancient Egypt
So, what was
life likeSs5000
years ago?
The Sahara desert, Egypt
Hmmm, I
think I’m
going to
need ……
Egypt and the River Nile
The banks of the River Nile
The sun god, Ra
King Tutankhamun’s Treasure, Valley of
the Kings.
King Tut
was buried
near here.
Howard Carter discovered King
Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.
The Pharaoh’s mummified body was
preserved in a golden sarcophagus
The Ancient Egyptians decorated the walls
of their Pharaohs’ burial chambers: can
you spot the sun god, Ra?
Carter found a room full of treasure
Wow! That’s
a lot of stuff
needed in the
Look carefully at some of the
objects Carter found in
Tutankhamun’s tomb and try to
guess what they are …
A bust of King Tutankhamun as a
young boy
A toy: Hounds and Jackals board game
A dog to keep the Pharaoh company in
the Afterlife
Mummy bandages
As Pharaoh and King of Egypt: the lid
of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus
The Pharaoh’s throne
His sandals, to crush enemies
A spare collar
Fan shafts or sunshades
A mirror stand, in the shape of an ankh
– the Egyptian symbol for eternal life
A water jug – in case he gets thirsty
A box in which to store papyrus
How did the Ancient Egyptians make
papyrus paper?
Firstly, the outside layer of the stem was removed.
Then the inner layer of the plant was sliced into long strips
and placed side by side with a second layer on top at a
right angle (criss-crossed for strength).
Next, the whole thing was soaked in water and pressed
under a heavy rock for 21 days. The juice of the plant
acted like glue and bonded the strips together.
Finally, the sheet was hammered flat and dried in the sun.
From then till now
3500 BC
Ancient Egyptian times
0 AD
Birth of Christ
2015 AD
Modern Times
A brief history of writing
on clay or
3500 BC
Ancient Egyptian times
Hieroglyphs on
papyrus, from
3500 BC until
400 AD.
0 AD
Birth of Christ
2015 AD
Modern Times
What does the hieroglyph say?
Dear Ra,
Thank you for ……
(your name in