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Abnormal Behavior
Content as per College Board
Abnormal Behavior 7-9 %
How people treat mental
 http://www.buzzfeed.com/kirstenking/have-you-
What is Normal?
what you would call
Not who, what is normal?
What characteristics make
a person have “well-being”
Well being****As defined by
Carol Ryff
Environmental Mastery: You feel competent in managing everyday life and can take
advantage of new opportunities. You can organize your life, work and home situations to
match your needs and values.
Personal Growth: You see yourself as growing and improving over time and feel you’re
realizing your potential. You’re open to new experiences and feel that you’re continually
developing as you respond to them.
Purpose in Life: You have goals for your life and a sense of direction in working toward them.
You have beliefs that support a sense of purpose in your own life and life generally.
Autonomy: You’re independent and self-motivated. You decide what you want according to
your own standards rather than by reacting to social pressure.
Self-acceptance: You feel good about who you are and accepting of both strengths and
weaknesses. You feel positive about your life thus far.
Positive relationships: You’re able to form warm and trusting relationships, and you’re
capable of empathy, affection and intimacy. You understand the give and take of human
What is a disorder?
 American Psychiatric Association
 A psychological disorder can be
defined as a pattern of behaviors or
psychological symptoms that cause
significant personal distress and/or
impairs the ability to function in
one or more important areas of life.
Published by the American
Psychiatric Association
Widely used diagnostic
Provides a set of criteria to
make assessments
See page 598 in your
textbook! For DSM-IV
Crash Course Video:
Intro to Psych Disorders
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuhJ-GkRRQc