What are mental disorders and recognizing mental disorders

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Transcript What are mental disorders and recognizing mental disorders

What are Mental Disorders and
Recognizing Mental Disorders
By: Clarissa Pacheco
Section Summary
 My section is about Mental Disorders and
how you can recognize them. A mental
disorder is a type of illness that can affect a
persons mind. Having a mental disorder is
very hard to control because you start to be
more concerned about germs around you and
you can get affected if your parents get
divorced and you start to be more violently
over what you do.
Main Idea
 The idea about my section is how most
mental disorders react with their illness and
can’t control it.
Details and Examples
Vocabulary: Mental Disorders- An illness that affects
the mind and prevents a person from being
Abnormal- Used to describe behaviors, feelings,
or thoughts that are highly unusual.
Organic Disorder- A mental disorder with a
physical cause.
Dementia- A group of symptoms characterized by
loss of mental abilities, abnormal behavior, and
personality changes.
Signs/ Syptoms: Nervous, behavior,
personality changes.
 Amber had a very bad life situation, she would
always be brushing her teeth, she would be saying
that she’s too fat and needs to lose weight but she
was really skinny and always had troubles
concentrating in class because her parents had
divorced and she would miss her dad everyday and
cry everyday. Then two weeks later she found out
what mental disorder means and so she had. After
she found out, she went to go a mental- health
specialist for help. The doctor said the had an illness
that affects the mind which is a mental disorder.
My feelings over this topic
 I think that being a mental disorder
is a very hard life situation to go
through and you have to get help
from a doctor or an adult when you
have these kinds of problems.
Section Summary
 My section was about how a persons mind
can be a lot different from a normal persons
because a mental disordered person can’t
control their mind and do the same thing
mostly everyday and are depressed.