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Oracle Education Initiatives:
Preparing Students to Compete in a Flat World
Diana Richie
Director, K-12 Education (North America)
Oracle Education Foundation
• Dedicated to narrowing the digital divide by helping equip
students with 21st century skills
• email & collaboration
• interviewing & presentation
• project management
• web development
• database & programming fundamentals
• Serving over 7,000 institutions and 600,000 students world-wide
with technology grants exceeding $2B each year
• Listed as #9 on Business Week’s list of the largest in-kind givers
The Oracle Education Foundation
A free service providing web pages, email
accounts and collaboration tools to schools
Protected, global environment.
Centrally hosted; only need a browser
Content review tools for teachers
Online training and support
100% Free with no advertising
150,000 members participating in 18 countries
and six languages
International competition to build the best
educational website
Teams of 3-6 students, ages 9-19
Project-based learning experience
Over 6,000 great educational sites
Created by students,for students
Last year’s competition included over
11,000 participants from 70 countries
Named “Best Internet Site for Kids” by
Common Sense Media, Apr 2005
Oracle Academy
Provides secondary school
students with technology and business skills
required for 21st century careers.
Currently supporting 10,000 students in
600 schools across 18 countries.
Participating schools receive
an in-kind grant valued at
$250,666 per teacher, per course(includes
professional development, on-line
curriculum, discounts on certification exams
and self-test software)
Meets Carl Perkins criteria
Leads to industry certifications
District pays $500 per instructor plus travel
to SFO for 6 days of on-site training
Curriculum and Certification Programs
for High School Students
Course Title
Database Programming
with SQL
Exam #1
Database Programming
with PL/SQL (FY07)
Exam #2
OCA 10g
Database Administration I
“When there are no
boundaries to information,
learning is limitless.”
Larry Ellison, CEO
Oracle Corporation