Phobia Name Fear of ______

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Transcript Phobia Name Fear of ______

Psychological Disorder
Name(s) of person/people in
the group
What is it?
• What type of disorder is it?
• What are its symptoms?
Interesting facts
• Approximately how many people suffer
from this disorder (can be a number or
a percentage)?
• Is there a common age range or is it
more likely to affect men or women,
• Anyone historical figures or celebrities
who have suffered/are currently
suffering from the disorder?
• Anything else interesting you can find!!!
History of the illness
• When and who first discovered the
• What did people believe about the
disorder/people who had the disorder
before it was classified?
• When was the disorder first classified
in the DSM?
• Any other relevant historical
Origin of the disorder
• How do people acquire the disorder?
Possible treatments or cures