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Pure Planet: Our Culture
Over 20 Years Making Super Foods
Still the Manufacturer; Still Family Owned
Pure Planet is an original whole foods company, with our own manufacturing facility,
& 3rd party testing facility based in Southern California.
We are a legacy brand, family owned & operated, with employee tenures as long as company history.
We strongly respect the virtues of team work, integrity, accountability, respect, trust, & value to our
We believe with the knowledge of phyto-chemistry that all humans can achieve excellent health by using
pure, & clean, premium super foods.
Pure Planet ‘s history weaves our founders’ passions for healing, good health, purity, & potency with the
use of whole foods and super foods. Co- Owner Dave Sandoval’s life’s work has been to help people feel
better, live longer and be healthier. His philosophies about the use of health and healing are found in his
book “The Greens Food Bible.” In fact, his book’s forward is written by a leading oncologist whose cancer
treatment center relies on super food products provided by Dave.
We are dedicated to our commitment below, called the Pure Planet Promise.
“We promise to have no binders, no fillers, no excipients, no flow or coating agents, no unnatural
preservatives, zero chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides, no irradiated ingredients and NO GMOS.”
The Pure Planet Brand: Points of Differentiation
 22 Years Family Owned; Original Ownership; One of the original super food companies.
 Pure Planet/Organic By Nature is the manufacturer; No contract manufacturing
 Pure Planet does not add binders, fillers, coating agents, or flow agents to any of our
 GMP; Kosher & Organic Certified Manufacturing Facility
 On site 3rd party verified laboratory facility
 Same farmer relationships for over 20 years for our Green Kamut and Just Barley
 Consumer loyalty for over 2 decades
 We believe in juicing our grasses & low temp dehydrating. No early harvesting.
 Our Tart Cherry is the only tart cherry concentrate on the market with no added
 Products like our Aloe, Tart Cherry are highly concentrated
 Our greens are certified organic making them non-gmo and non-irradiated.
 We use glass bottles to minimize our impact in landfills.
 Releasing more organic products; soon to be 11 this year
 Small enough to make changes quickly and large enough to handle unique formulations.
Blue Green Algae: Premium Spirulina
Our Premium Spirulina is grown in quality-controlled ponds; dried with advanced technology
at low temperatures preserving its active enzymes and living food qualities. Spirulina has a
bubble-thin cell wall comprised of natural sugars which dissolve upon contact with moisture
or digestive enzymes making it a phenomenal 95.1% digestible. Pure Planet uses lowtemperature, noninvasive methods that preserve the integrity of the living spirulina cells.
What you should know about Spirulina:
 The original super food, Spirulina is 60-70% protein and is the most digestible form of
protein anywhere. More protein than beef, chicken or soybeans & more digestible. So
nutrient dense, you could survive on Spirulina and water, alone.
 It is complete with all the necessary cofactors for bio-availability; 8 essential amino acids
& 10-non-essential ones.
 Spirulina protects the immune system.
 Spirulina aids in mineral absorption and supports health cholesterol levels.
 High concentration of B-12; Energy support & healthy nerve tissue.
 Source of omegas; this is what some fish eat and get their omega oils from.
• Spirulina is one of the main go-to foods for protection from harmful radiation. It protects
the organs and helps detoxify the radiation out of the body
• Originated in warm alkaline lakes in Africa, Central & South America.
Pure Planet’s Chlorella Considered the Anti-aging Green
Natures richest whole food source of chlorophyll (80% digestibility) the most
ancient aerobic living creation. Supports energy, stamina, & detoxification process
Chlorella contains unique phyco-chemicals that are unavailable from any other plant, and is
especially high in chlorophyll which is where it gets its name. Chlorella contains a unique RNA
(Ribonucleic acid) that is known as the “Chlorella Growth Factor.”
Interesting Facts: Chlorella must be “shattered” in order to break through its hard outer shell and make its
phyco-nutrients bioavailable to humans. It is 50% protein and contains a wide variety of nutrients, including
antioxidants and valuable minerals.
History: Chlorella was the first stabilizing element on planet Earth. It alone created the initial atmosphere
through its photosynthetic activity (oxygen and ozone are the result of photosynthesis). Only after chlorella
proliferated on the earth was it possible for aerobic life forms that rely on oxygen to exist.
Chlorella was reintroduced to the scientific community by Japanese and German scientists who were
seeking unique sources of food that could be cultivated in water and under controlled conditions.
Ultimately chlorella’s therapeutic benefits made it the bestselling nutrition supplement in Japan that it is
Potential Benefits: The RNA in Chlorella is scientifically proven to protect cells from mutation and help
normalize and help support healthy cell renewal. The shattered Chlorella becomes a mechanical chelator;
assisting the body in the illumination of heavy metals and dioxins. Chlorella also assists in the
metabolization of fat. Chlorella contains healthy fats, a complete set of amino acids & a good supply of
fiber. Keep your mind sharp and alert. Support eyesight. Support your arteries and keep your digestion
system functioning well.
Vegan, gluten free, soy free, no fillers, no synthetic binders.
Pure Planet’s Organic Cacao Mint Spirulina: 3 sizes: 3, 15 and 30 servings.
Our Cacao Mint Spirulina a great tasting way to get premium organic spirulina into your diet.
Interesting Facts: Full of a wide range of vitamins and minerals and other phyco-chemicals, spirulina has been
given the nickname of “Mother Nature’s Multivitamin.” In fact, it is likely the most nutrient-dense food on Earth
and is one of nature’s best source of carotenes and essential fats.
Cacao and mint are not added simply for flavor; they also provide their own unique sources of vitamins, minerals and
phytonutrients. For example, they are rich in tannins and offer bitters that help with digestion and antioxidants that help scavenge
free radicals. Spirulina contains Phycocyanin, a unique blue pigmented protein, Phycocyanin has recently been reported
to exhibit a variety of pharmacological properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and hepatic
support. In fact, it’s anti-inflammatory properties have been compared to the action of Cox-2 inhibitors.
History: Spirulina is thought to have been consumed throughout history – there are fossils of spirulina algae dated back to a time
that precedes the dinosaurs that show it is basically the same today as it was then which speaks volumes! It may have been used
by tribes in Chad as well as South American cultures such as the Aztecs and it has been speculated to be the manna of biblical
fare. In World War II the Japanese government saw it as a way to feed its starving people.
Potential Benefits: May support healthy immune system function. May help increase energy, endurance and stamina while
supplying the body with a wide range of nutrients such as beta carotene, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, vegetarian protein,
antioxidants and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. May reduce cravings and curb appetite. Cacao Mint Spirulina can also
promote healthy cardiovascular function, liver function and healthy inflammatory response. Super Great for Athletes!
How it is made: We combined organic cacao, carob & mint with our premium, Organic California grown spirulina to create a tasty,
nutrient-dense super food, either in water alone or in a smoothie. Tastes like choc chip mint ice cream or chocolate mint cookies
Red Marine Algae Pocket Pack Size: For Travel & Trial
The world’s finest Red Marine Algae compound. It is made from specific Gigartina and Dumontacea
strains that have exhibited a strong immune-modulatory effect with regards to viral colonization.
Why we offer RMA Plus: Pure Planet recognized that there was no proven cure for viral infections. So we decided to build an
immune response product that created a very unfriendly environment for viruses to replicate and macro-agglomerate (gather in
colonies). RMA Plus is like birth and crowd control for viruses
Interesting Facts: The sulfated polysaccharides in RMA are extremely rare and in fact unique to these species. This never
before seen fusion of polysaccharides (like those found in aloe vera and noni) and sulfur compounds (like those found in broccoli
and garlic) create a super phyco-chemical when combined. History: Pharmaceutical companies began to scour the seas for
breakthroughs in the 1970s. One of the most promising and effective antiviral compounds was found in several rare species of
RMA. When the big Pharmaceutical companies were unable to synthesize and patent them, they tried instead to buy them.
Potential Benefits: For those who experience viral outbreaks or are concerned with controlling the severity or frequency, RMA
Plus may provide effective antiviral support - specifically for those suffering from herpes, shingles, Epstein-Barr virus,
mononucleosis and other viruses originating from the Herpes viridae family of viruses.
How it is made: The algae are grown sustainably on hemp ropes in deep, pure Celtic water and then harvested and dried in a
proprietary fashion, preserving the vital sulfated polysaccharides. We blend both Gigartina and Dumontacea into powders and
combine them with nutrient dense Spirulina (a nutrient-dense type of blue-green algae) to enhance absorption and effectiveness.
Soy Free; Gluten Free; Vegan; Non-GMO; Wild crafted
Red Marine Algae Pocket Pack Size: For Travel & Trial
The world’s finest Red Marine Algae compound. It is made from specific Gigartina and Dumontacea
strains that have exhibited a strong immune-modulatory effect with regards to viral colonization.
Why we offer RMA Plus: Pure Planet recognized that there was no proven cure for viral infections. So we decided to build an
immune response product that created a very unfriendly environment for viruses to replicate and macro-agglomerate (gather in
colonies). RMA Plus is like birth and crowd control for viruses
Interesting Facts: The sulfated polysaccharides in RMA are extremely rare and in fact unique to these species. This never
before seen fusion of polysaccharides (like those found in aloe vera and noni) and sulfur compounds (like those found in broccoli
and garlic) create a super phyco-chemical when combined. History: Pharmaceutical companies began to scour the seas for
breakthroughs in the 1970s. One of the most promising and effective antiviral compounds was found in several rare species of
RMA. When the big Pharmaceutical companies were unable to synthesize and patent them, they tried instead to buy them.
Potential Benefits: For those who experience viral outbreaks or are concerned with controlling the severity or frequency, RMA
Plus may provide effective antiviral support - specifically for those suffering from herpes, shingles, Epstein-Barr virus,
mononucleosis and other viruses originating from the Herpesviridae family of viruses.
How it is made: The algae are grown sustainably on hemp ropes in deep, pure Celtic water and then harvested and dried in a
proprietary fashion, preserving the vital sulfated polysaccharides. We blend both Gigartina and Dumontacea into powders and
combine them with nutrient dense Spirulina (a nutrient-dense type of blue-green algae) to enhance absorption and effectiveness.
Soy Free; Gluten Free; Vegan; Non-GMO; Wild crafted
Fulvic Zeolite
Pure Planet’s Fulvic Zeolite is a blend of zeolite and fulvic acid. Zeolites are a group
of micro-porous crystals & minerals with honeycomb structures that have
become negatively charged.
Negatively charged zeolites are nature’s most effective chelator of heavy metals. Acting as a magnet,
they draw positively charged toxins into their matrix and prevent them from entering our bodies.
Why we offer Fulvic Zeolite:
Pure Planet uses a proprietary combination of fulvic acid and zeolite to create a gentle chelator that is easy
to use and naturally effective.
Interesting Facts: Zeolite structures are created when super heated molten lava flows toward the ocean.
Upon entering the cold ocean water, the instantaneous chemical reactions caused by the superheated and
liquefied minerals cause them to form into what is perhaps one of nature’s most uniquely shaped and
charged elements. Zeolite is a very useful receptacle for low molecular weight yet highly toxic substances to
be carried out of the body. Zeolite has the unique ability to capture molecules between 2 and 10 angstroms
and trap them so they cannot leave its honeycomb structure.
Historically, Zeolite has been used for odor elimination (for farm animals), water purification, air
purification, and soil decontamination. Zeolites have been used in agriculture as both a deliverer of vital
minerals and for their ability to slowly release water to plants upon demand. They prevent root rot and help
trees survive in droughts. When given to animals, zeolite reduces the airborne ammonia from feces by 80%
and acts as a micro-toxin binder. It is also used to improve the bone density of animals.
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Zeolite by the numbers
B.C. – Used in Roman Aqua Ducts
1760s – Rediscovered by a Swedish mineralogist named Cronstedt who gave it the name “Zeolite”
which means “boiling stones”
1960s – Mentioned in scientific circles in Europe and USA
1970s – Used for removing ammonia from wastewater
1980s – Pool use in Europe and then in USA, also used in Chernobyl radioactivity removal
1990s – Used in agriculture and with cattle and poultry and began to be sold as a supplement for detoxifying the human
2000s – Made available to the public in numerous products
Potential Benefits: Zeolite increases the viability of cells and organs that have been inhibited by toxins and
heavy metals. It can help alkalize and detoxify the body effectively.
How it is made: Zeolite, one of the few negatively charged minerals, is formed naturally when volcanic lava
reacts with salt water. For Pure Planet’s Fulvic Zeolite, Clinoptilolyte Zeolite ore is pulverized and micronized
into powder. This powder is blended with 3% fulvic acid in a 100 gallon stainless steel container. It is then
agitated, blended and ultrasound is applied while mixture is blending to clean Zeolite cages for 60 minutes.
The solution is then run through a nano-filtration mesh screen into a 100 gallon stainless steel tank. QC
(Quality Control) samples are taken for bacteria and heavy metals testing. The solution is quarantined for 7
days. QC samples are then taken for bacteria and heavy metals testing again before being bottled for use.
Ionic Elements:
This formula is composed of Ionically charged minerals in their smallest molecular form suspended in a liquid
Why we offer Ionic Elements: Topsoil erosion & the use of chemical fertilizers have created severe
mineral deficiencies in our food. All disease is in some way tied to mineral deficiencies. Many mineral
supplements are not that effective at delivering minerals to the cells.
Pure Planet combines fulvic acid with our liquid minerals to dramatically increase the rate
at which the minerals are transported to the cells.
Interesting Facts: The roots of plants use fulvic acid to help transport minerals through the
root system and make them bioavailable to the plant. Scientists now know that the human body
also uses fulvic acid to transport charged minerals from our blood to our cells. Every single chemical reaction
that takes place within the human body requires some form of this activity.
History: Throughout history, man has relied upon a wide variety of wild harvested plants to provide its mineral
requirements. With the advent of agriculture and the over use of topsoil, vital trace minerals have
disappeared. Modern fertilizers only replace potassium and nitrogen, which assist root, stem and flower
growth but do not translate to a full spectrum of trace minerals in the food that is grown.
Potential Benefits: Ionic Elements may increase energy and alertness as well as the ability to transport
electronic signals through our nerves. Ionic Elements also help with rehydration and the reduction of
headaches, muscle aches and cramping. Replenishing proper mineral levels also usually results in regulated
sleep patterns, regular bowel function, and stronger hair, bones and nails.
How it is made: Our Ionic Elements are made using a rare source of humic and fulvic acid, which is extracted
using a proprietary refining method; a unique non-acidic leaching procedure that accelerates the
concentration and increases the purity.
Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Dairy Free,
Sports Salts Pocket Packs
Sport Salts: is a unique health product that combines pure pink Himalayan salt with specific levels of
potassium and magnesium.
Why we offer Pure Planet Sports Salts: Hot Yoga, saunas, and fitness programs like Cross fit are all
escalating in popularity, and with the rise in amounts of sweat released there is a corresponding increase
in headaches, body aches, cramping, and dehydration, as well as mineral deficiencies.
Interesting Facts: The human body uses clean, unprocessed salt water to help control our blood
The iodine in sea salt helps regulate our thyroid.
The balance of potassium and magnesium are integral to energy and sleep regulation.
Unlike many other sea salts that are derived by evaporating sea water, Himalayan sea salt comes from
mineral-rich salt deposits left behind by ancient seas.
History: Salt tablets have historically been used by athletes to combat cramping. Unfortunately the
previous versions did not contain the wide variety of minerals that the body truly requires. By using our
infused Himalayan sea salt, Pure Planet overcame that hurdle and created a far more effective and
comprehensive product.
Green Kamut (Organic Wheat Grass Juice)
100% pure, certified organic, enzyme active, raw wheatgrass juice that is the most
convenient, inexpensive and potent form of wheatgrass available in the world today.
It is the only wheatgrass from an ancient heirloom Egyptian seed known as Kamut.
History: Kamut was originally discovered in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt stored as food for the afterlife
in an urn in a royal burial tomb. Discovered thousands of years later, a handful of seeds were coaxed into
germinating by a scientific team whose research revealed that Kamut was in fact the most ancient food,
genetically speaking, of all grains. It has been recognized as an heirloom by 36 governments worldwide.
How is it made? The ancient organic seeds are cultivated in a high altitude, chemical free, mineral rich soil
and grown until the pre-jointing stage, when scientists show it is highest in vital phytochemicals. The tender
leaves are washed, juiced and dried within minutes at less than 88 degrees F, producing a 100% pure juice
extract. free of preservatives, additives or stabilizers.
Potential Benefits: Organic Kamut has been shown typically to cleanse and detoxify the body,
promote cell regeneration and give immune system support, increase energy, combat fatigue,
balance highly stressed over-acidic body systems and provide green leafy vegetable nutrients.
Green plants help alkalize and, due to their high mineral content, also
help oxygenate by supporting red blood cells and help the body eliminate unwanted toxic waste like heavy
metals and dioxins.
Kamut is also “photo protective,” meaning it can help defend your body from sun damage.
Soy Free, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated, Vegan, Organic, Dairy Free, RAW
Just Barley (Certified Organic Juice Powder)
100% pure, certified organic, low temperature dehydrated juice from young green barley leaves.
Why we offer Just Barley: Barley grass is one of the only resources on Earth that can provide the human body with the
nutrients it needs from birth through old age. A whole food organic cereal grass containing an extraordinary array of highly
balanced vitamins and minerals, in conjunction with active enzymes, antioxidants, phytochemicals
and other living food properties,
Pure Planet’s Just Barley has received the "Seal of Approval"
from the Diabetes Resource Center for its support in regulating blood glucose levels.
Interesting Facts: Many cultures have associated barley with having feminine characteristics due to the way it gently sways
in the breeze. Barley juice has been used by many women as phyto-estrogenic support. Barley is resistant to cross breeding
and thus is a naturally ancient grain.
Potential Benefits: Like all green plants, Just Barley contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, light
weight proteins and the ability to alkalinize, oxygenate and support detoxification. Unlike other green plants, Just Barley has
unique qualities only available during the pre-jointing stage of cereal grasses which make them unique. The US Department
of Agriculture refers to these unique phytochemicals as the “Grass Juice Factor” and stated that they were vitally important
to support both human and animal health.
Both Just Barley & Green Kamut make a excellent multivitamin when taken in sufficient quantities, about 3 to 6 servings a
day. Perfect multi vitamin/mineral for Vegans.
How is it made? The ancient organic seeds are cultivated in high altitude, chemical free soil and grown until the pre-jointing
stage, which is when scientists show it is highest in vital phytochemicals. The tender leaves are washed, juiced and dried
within minutes at less than 88 degrees F, producing a 100% pure juice extract.
With our advanced manufacturing processes we stabilize & preserve the delicate phytonutrient profile i.e. chlorophyll,
enzymes, charged minerals & others without the use of additives like Maltodextrin or rice bran (fillers, fibers) thus making
for a very pure and potent product.
Soy Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher, Certified Organic, Juice Powder, RAW, Non-Irradiated, Dairy-Free
Organic Best of Greens is a synergistic blend of premium organic green superfoods.
It includes the best of the cruciferous vegetables, the best of the sea vegetables,
the best 100% pure grass juice extracts and the finest microalgae.
Each of the ingredients contains beneficial phyco- or phyto-nutrients and
was included for its exceptional purity and potency. Best of Greens is
Available in 2 flavors. Natural, tasty Lemon & Sweet Green Apple flavor.(organic)
Why we offer Best of Greens: Green plants have the widest variety of Earth elements in the form of
minerals, vitamins, enzymes and important antioxidants, along with the widest variety of nutrients.
Green plants alkalize, oxygenate, detoxify and nourish, making them an extremely important part of
vegetarian and omnivorous lifestyles alike.
Interesting Facts: Most Americans overestimate their consumption of deep green leafy vegetables by a
factor of 3. Most Americans actually do not get the recommended 5 servings of green vegetables each
day and, as a result, many suffer from green food nutrient deficiencies.
Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food on Earth, containing true marine omega-3 fatty acids (typically
found in fish), vegetarian vitamin B12, an abundance of beta carotene, a powerful pigment called
“phycocyanin,” & is an impressive 60% pure vegan protein.
Chlorella is the fastest replicating single cell organism on the planet and contains an unique RNA
(Ribonucleic Acid) that normalizes and regulates cell growth, it also removes dioxins and heavy metals.
Cruciferous (from the Latin word “crux” meaning “cross”) vegetables are the most valuable of all garden
variety vegetables and are recognizable by the crisscrossing of the ribs in their leaves. Continued next slide
Organic Best of Greens -Continued
Sea Vegetables naturally contain iodine, which stimulates an underactive thyroid
& helps to reduce stress at the cellular level. Alfalfa’s root nodules have a symbiotic
relationship with the bacteria Sinorhizobium meliloti (rhizobium) which has the ability
to “fix nitrogen” no matter the amount available in the soil (and to increase
the amount of nitrogen in the soil).
History: In the early 1900s, the US Department of Agriculture determined that cereal grasses like barley
grass, wheatgrass and oat grass contained every nutrient necessary to sustain human life when harvested
at the pre-jointing of their growth.
Alfalfa was known as the “Father of All Foods” because it can live 20 years and its roots can stretch 40
feet into the Earth’s crust, drawing vital minerals. Organic farmers refer to alfalfa as “green manure.”
The mass cultivation of spirulina and chlorella was perfected by the Japanese who saw them as important
food sources for their country during the blockage of their island during World War II.
Potential Benefits: Best of Greens is the ideal vegetarian protein source and builds strong, lean muscle.
Its high quality omega-3 fatty acid profile means it supports nerve endings and organ health as well as the
brain. Best of Greens helps to increase red blood cell counts and may reverse anemia as well as support
eye health, boost immunity, increase the uptake of oxygen and the elimination of heavy metals and dioxins
and neutralize toxic acids. Best of Greens provides a wide variety of green vegetable nutrients and helps
insure that everyone who uses it gets the greens they need on a daily basis.
How is it made? The ingredients in the Best of Greens are selected for their premium quality and purity and are
minimally processed. They are tested, weighed, bottled and distributed directly to the store from our organic, kosher,
and GMP certified processing facility in Long Beach, California.
Organic Activated Barley
Why we offer Activated Barley: Pure Planet offers Organic Activated Barley because it has a highly concentrated
nutritional profile and 400% more energy potential than non-germinated barley, as well as exceptionally high beta-glucan content for
greater effectiveness in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
Interesting Facts: Activating barley is a process that is superior to sprouting because it maintains more of the initial burst of life
energy created during germination. By germinating grain, some of the gluten is eliminated, making it a super low gluten food.
Germinating also creates an abundance of the master antioxidant enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD.) The process
creates a beta glucan gel, known as “the cholesterol magnet,” which is also found oatmeal and other
gelatinous grains. Activated Barley is a recreation of a 2000 year old recipe created by Greek and Roman physicians.
History: The Greeks and Romans first created activated barley to save the lives of babies whose mothers died giving birth - it was
the original baby food. It was equally as effective for the elderly who had lost their teeth & were unable to chew their food; making it
the first senior food. Ultimately it became the food of the Roman army which is famous for having the fastest moving foot soldiers
in history. Activated Barley was and still is valued for its ability to enhance supreme endurance, strength, and recovery.
Potential Benefits: Because Activated Barley is the slowest burring carbohydrate ever discovered, it is effective at helping to
stabilize blood glucose levels & provides long term energy & endurance. It’s beta glucan content helps maintain healthy cholesterol
levels while it’s antioxidant enzymes beautifies skin. Also effective in controlling appetite, and athletes find it excellent in preparation
and recovery from marathon and endurance type events. It can be used in everything from smoothies to homemade, raw energy bars.
How it is made: Activated Barley is created by soaking organic barley grain for 12 to 18 hours which starts the sprouting process
(this stage is referred to as “germination”). It is ‘activated’ through a patented process that allows the grain to germinate but not sprout.
Organic, Non-GMO, RAW, Vegan, Non-irradiated, Soy Free, Dairy Free
Rice Bran Solubles, a powdered supplement, is the highly concentrated soluble carbohydrate and lipid-rich component
of non-chemically modified, water-soluble and stabilized rice bran. It dissolves instantly in any beverage, is easily digested,
and provides a near instant energy source.
Why we offer Rice Bran Solubles: Brown rice has been one of the staple foods for humans over the last 10,000 years, yet the
most valuable part of brown rice is typically lost during cooking and processing. This soluble portion of rice bran contains
unique lipids, antioxidants and other nutrients that can be vital in supporting human health. Pure Planet offers a patented,
concentrated, soluble rice bran powder that has a mild nutty taste and is highly assimiliable.
Interesting Facts: Rice Bran Solubles are valued for the antioxidants it contains like:
tocopherols and tocotrienols (which are 50x more powerful than vitamin E) and
trace amounts of the full spectrum vitamin B complex. But perhaps the most beneficial phytochemicals are
the palmitic fatty acids which contain gamma oryzonol.
While the white portion of rice contains 90% of the weight, it contains less than 10% of the nutrients!
History: For 40,000 years men were hunters and gatherers, yet 12, 000 years ago, man began to cultivate rice and soy and
barley in China, and it soon became a staple food. The samurai considered rice sacred and consumed large amounts to gain
strength. In Latin American culture, “agua de arroz” (Spanish for “rice water”) was commonly produced by soaking whole
grain brown rice in water until it germinated. The blended liquid created a milky and nutritious beverage.
Potential Benefits: Rice Bran Solubles has been valued by bodybuilders for its ability to create maximum muscle definition,
yet this same hormonal impact also benefits your mood, your skin, and your other organs. The powerful antioxidant-like
trienols and tocotrienols along with gamma oryzanol help strengthen and protect the heart. Rice Bran Solubles can be integral
to helping someone maintain a healthy weight as well as maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Rice Bran
Solubles provides sustained energy and is one of nature’s few natural sources of Q-10, an enzyme co-factor. Rice Bran Solubles
is also a great source of healthy fats which help to better absorb the beneficial antioxidants it contains.
How it is made: Unlike other companies that just finely mill rice bran to make it look soluble, our patented process actually
creates a truly soluble rice bran concentrate that does not contain the heavy indigestible fibers that can trap the valuable
nutrients and prevent assimilation.
Vegan, Soy-Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Kosher
Organic Tropic Oil is Certified Organic, non-gmo verified, 100% pure, cold pressed & cold filled virgin coconut oil that
comes from the Philippines. It is hand-filled to insure its raw qualities are preserved.
Why we offer Organic Tropic Oil: Pure Planet believes that virgin coconut oil should be consumed
on a regular basis.
It contains vital phytochemicals that cannot be obtained from sources other than mother’s milk.
Interesting Facts: Coconut oil contains monolaurin which converts to lauric acid, a valuable part of
mother's milk which helps boosts life long immunity to yeast, mold, bacteria and viruses. The caprylic acid can stimulate
an underactive thyroid while helping normalize body weight. The palmitic acid helps it resist high temperatures while
Coconut oil in general is considered a saturated fat, however, unlike other saturated fats coconut oil is a medium chain
triglyceride (MCT), which provides ready energy. MCT’s are digested without stimulating the production of excess insulin
(which causes the body to store fat.) Importantly, coconut oil contains absolutely zero cholesterol! Other saturated fats
contribute to heart disease and cause blood platelet stickiness. Using coconut oil as your alternative oil could help you lose
weight and avoid a heart attack.
History: When scientists attempted to recreate the natural goodness of mother’s milk synthetically it was impossible primarily because there was no substitute other than raw coconut fat.
In the 1960s, cattle ranchers learned the hard way that coconut oil burns fat. When they tried to fatten up their cattle with
cheap coconut oil, they ended up with the skinniest cows in Texas.
Potential Benefits: coconut oil is stable at high heats thus free of trans fats Coconut oil also helps maintain healthy
cholesterol levels. Can help our bodies metabolize excess unwanted fat. For those with an underactive thyroid, raw coconut oi
may help stimulate the thyroid through the natural activity of caprylic acid. Promising research indicates that damaging
plaque in our brains may be reduced, illuminated or even prevented with regular coconut oil consumption. Coconut oil has
been used as an effective natural remedy to remove parasites from our intestines. It is a great natural moisturizer for use
anywhere on one’s body.
How it is made: Coconut oil is produced out of the fresh flesh of the coconut palm fruit (cocos nucifera). The fresh coconuts
are shelled and pared and the white meat is ground and then dried. The dried meat is then processed through a cold process
expeller press where the oil is separated from the meat. The oil is then filtered and hand poured into glass jars.
Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO
Pure Planet’s Plant Protein
Certified Organic
With: Greens & Veggies from Land & Sea, Adrenal Support, & Vegan EFA’s
Plant Protein from the land and sea is the most sustainable, efficient
& most bio-available way to get your protein.
Animal protein is not as easily absorbed & puts additional pressure
s on the environment. It also may promote higher acidity and more uric acid in the body.
Why we offer Plant Protein: At Pure Planet we saw a genuine need for a high quality organic, gluten-free,
vegan plant protein that was easy to digest and tasted good enough to mix with water. We wanted one that
would be beneficial to both the extreme athlete and the extremely old.
• Our Organic Plant Protein product derives its protein from Sprouted Brown Rice, Hemp, Chia, Alfalfa,
Spirulina and Chlorella to make for a 16mg serving of protein.
• Our Plant Protein includes the power of greens to alkalize the body’s natural chemical reactions &
neutralize or remove excess uric acid.
• Digestive support is provided by organic ingredients such as Fennel seed & Beet Root.
• Organic vegan EFA’s are found in the Chia, Sachi Inchi, & Spirulina.
• Organic Maca, Eleuthro, & Cordyceps supports healthy energy levels by supporting adrenals.
Potential Benefits: Pure Planet’s Plant Protein is fantastic as a pre-workout or post-workout, muscle-building
recovery drink or simply as a part of a nutrient-dense, low-calorie vegan diet. Plant Protein helps energize
the body and reduces adrenal fatigue. Plant Protein is far less stressful on your kidneys and liver due to its
pH balanced protein properties.
Three Organic Flavors: Vanilla-Coconut; Lt Chocolate Mocha; Strawberry-Mango)
Two Servings Sizes: 10 & 28 Servings. Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy Free, No Binders, No Fillers, Organic
(Master Amino Acid Pattern)
is a pure, vegan protein that is predigested and contains no soy, GMOs, or additives of any kind.
Why we offer MAAP: Pure Planet believes that vegans and vegetarians can have strong, lean,
muscular bodies without consuming any animal flesh or animal byproducts. We believe that this
patented product can be an essential tool for healthy aging, weight loss and safe bodybuilding practices.
Interesting Facts: MAAP is in the Physicians' Desk Reference with over 30 published clinical studies
proving its effectiveness. It is prescribed by doctors to those with renal failure and those on dialysis machines because it does
not burden the liver or the kidneys at all. It is used in hospitals to prevent muscle wasting for those who suffer from paralysis
or are comatose. MAAP passes through lymph fluid bypassing the blood, and unlike other protein sources it leaves behind no
uric acid. MAAP is 99.9% utilized in cell metabolism and therefore only produces 1% nitrogen catabolites (metabolic toxic
waste) compared to other dietary proteins which release an average of 68% nitrogen catabolites. This also means that 99% of
MAAP constituent amino acids act as precursors or “building blocks” for Body Protein Synthesis (BPS), to become body’s
constituent proteins. Meanwhile, other dietary proteins and protein supplements provide a BPS of 16 – 32% NNU and are
therefore 3 to 6 times lower compared to MAAP. Other protein sources also create uric acid (high levels of uric acid can lead to
gout or kidney disease) and need 3 – 6 hours to be digested. MAAP is absorbed in the small intestine within 23 minutes from
its ingestion.
History: Throughout history, man has required protein for energy, endurance, and muscle-building. Early man relied primarily
on animal flesh as a source of protein. However, as certain societies developed unique cultural and religious norms they
became averse to eating animals and sought vegetarian sources of protein such as seeds, nuts, beans, and legumes. Not until
the patented MAAP was introduced has man found the perfect source of vegan protein; MAAP is far more digestible and
assimiliable than other sources of protein and much safer than animal sources.
Potential Benefits: MAAP is clinically proven to help reverse muscle wasting and to maximize protein synthesis. It also
increases the elasticity of our skin, reducing sagging and wrinkles. It increases cell strength, minimizes body fat, improves
mental stability, increases muscle volume and helps reduce muscle soreness. It does not cause any fecal residue. Perhaps
most importantly, it provides a perfect protein source for those whose lifestyles or dietary requirements include
avoiding the consumption of animal protein.
How it is made: MAAP is made by a patented process using predigested protein from non-soy legumes. It contains no
binders, fillers or excipients. It is a pure, vegan protein.
Certified Organic
 Organic Amla Plus: The cherry of India & the most revered herb in all of
India. Amla is the most important ingredient in triphala which is the most
commonly used remedy for all of India.
Modern science shows that Amla is loaded with beneficial phyto-nutrients
including the pure vitamin C.
(Ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C. but rather an antioxidant)
How it is made: The Amla fruit is harvested at the peak of its nutrition. The fruit is
dried at room temperature and then ground into a fine powder which is combined
in a ratio of 80% Amla and 20% Spirulina to create our Amla C plus tablets and
powders. Resulting in Tannins of 750 mg per serving.
Potential Benefits:
As a bitter it is known for digestive support, healthy liver function & Immune Support as well
as being an Antioxidant.
At Pure Planet we use Spirulina as a binding agent & thus eliminating any need for foreign
unnatural binders.
Spirulina's protein content (roughly 65%) is also a complimentary nutrient in this formula as
it further aids in the absorption of Amla.
Soy Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic, Non-Irradiated, Dairy-Free, Gluten Free
Tart Cherry Concentrate
One of our most popular products. The anti-oxidant power of 33 cherries in
every 1oz serving & 7000 ORAC value. Highly concentrated juice made from
rare varieties of “sour” cherries.
Why we offer Tart Cherry Concentrate: The bright and deep color of the tart cherry reveal its
unprecedented strength. No fruit contains the variety, or potency, of the most valuable fruit
phytochemicals available in nature. Tart / sour cherries have more ellagic acid than pomegranates, more
anthocyanins than blueberries and are better for gout than black cherries.
Interesting Facts: Tart Cherries are the only food that naturally contains melatonin (the “sleep hormone”)
which is a powerful antioxidant hormone.
Tart cherries have the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity) rating of any fruit.
History: The health benefits of the tart cherry have only been known for about 20 years. Historically the
juice was thrown away and replaced with sugar to make cherry pies. Scientists studying growers of tart
cherries noted that they looked young, had strong hearts, no arthritis and slept like babies, and wanted to
know why. Most people do not realize how powerful super fruits can be in creating a healthy, well
nourished body
Potential Benefits: An effective alternative to NSAIDS and sleep aids, this powerful antioxidant is also
known to help relieve gout and arthritis, scavenge free radicals, improve skin from the inside out and
induce deep, healthy sleep by replenishing one’s melatonin levels.
How it is made: The grown cherries are harvested and selected for ripeness. They are flash pasteurized to
remove all mold and surface contamination. They are then juiced and through osmosis the water is
removed to create the concentrate. It is then bottled free of preservatives and is guaranteed 100% pure.
Mix with water before going to bed and/or add our Aloe 40x, for greater anti-aging support.
Soy Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher, Dairy-Free, Gluten Free
Our Aloe Vera 40x is the most potent Aloe Vera juice available. Our Aloe Vera juice is extracted from the most therapeutic
(and non-toxic) portion of the Aloe barbadensis-Miller plant and is then concentrated until it is 40 times more potent than
100% pure Aloe Vera juice (which is 99% water). Highest concentration of valuable plant polysaccharides available.
Why we offer Aloe Vera 40x: Aloe Vera contains one of the highest concentrations of valuable plant polysaccharides. At Pure
Planet we believe that it is an invaluable part of the diet and an integral part of a household’s natural “apothecary” (or
“pharmacy”). We offer our Aloe Vera in a highly concentrated form because it dramatically reduces the carbon footprint
for shipping and bottling Aloe Vera in the distribution chain and is also easier to lift and consume.
Drop for drop, the 40x concentrate creates the most potent Aloe Vera available in the world today.
Interesting Facts: There are over 1000 varieties of Aloe Vera, but less than a handful contain the full spectrum of
polysaccharides that make Aloe Vera a superstar of natural healing. Aloe Vera does not develop the full spectrum of
polysaccharides until is more than 3 years
History: Hippocrates (Greek Physician, “The Father of Medicine,”460 – 370 BC) became its greatest advocate and called Aloe
Vera “The Potted Physician.” He encouraged every household to grow several plants for their curative properties. Aloe Vera
means “the bitter truth” in Latin because of its astringent taste.
Potential Benefits: There are six specific types of polysaccharides in Aloe Vera, each having its own unique benefit or effect on
the body. Aloe Vera can increase circulation dramatically, up to 700%. This helps create faster healing of skin both internally
and externally. Aloe Vera dramatically increases the basal activity of skin cells creating younger, fresher looking skin. Aloe
Vera also helps antioxidants remain stable in blood serum which increases their benefit to the body. Aloe Vera is antiinflammatory and helps stabilize blood glucose levels. In recent studies it has also showed some promise with inhibiting
How it is made: The mature Aloe Vera leaves are harvested and then the inner filet is separated from its tough green skin.
The pulp is separated from the liquid, or juice, and using reverse osmosis, 80% of the water is pulled away, creating the
world’s finest Aloe Vera juice concentrate
Vegan, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Organic,
Ginseng Plus:
contains the master herb of Native American medicine, American ginseng, which has been used for
centuries for its impressive ability to revitalize & restore balance in the body, as well as for its potential
life-extending properties.
Why we offer Ginseng Plus: Pure Planet believes in supporting the body with adaptogenic herbs.
Adaptogens are natural substances that are considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert
a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. American grown white ginseng is one of the most adaptogenic
and therapeutic herbs available
Interesting Facts: Compared to red ginseng and Chinese ginseng, white American ginseng (WAG) is not overstimulating. For this reason, white ginseng is more revered by Chinese doctors than red ginseng and 70% of
WAG is exported to Chinese herbal companies. WAG is grown exclusively in North America, specifically
Vermont, Wisconsin and parts of Canada.
History: Native Americans have a long history of harvesting wild ginseng roots and using them for energy,
endurance and building immunity. Many people have confused similar looking roots with white ginseng; one
example is “Eleutherococcus senticosus,” which is known colloquially as Siberian ginseng. We now know that
Siberian ginseng contains no ginsenosides while true WAG contains 27 unique ginsenosides, each with a
beneficial effect on the body.
Potential Benefits: White American Ginseng is the ultimate stress buster. Reducing mental, emotional and
physiological stress, it is anti-aging and increases physical and mental endurance, stamina and focus. It is
superior to ED drugs because it naturally supports a strong male reproductive system. For women, it is also
purported to be aphrodisiacal due to its ability to calm nerves and support relaxation while increasing
circulation in blood flow.
How it is made: The roots are harvested, washed and aged before they are converted into a pure, raw, white
ginseng powder.
Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-Irradiated, Dairy Free