Buah-Buahan Aimee

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Transcript Buah-Buahan Aimee

By Aimee Vivante
• Pepaya, or betik, is a common fruit in tropical countries. It’s
shape is oval and the color of the skin is green before it is ripe,
and it will turn green yellowish when it is ripe. The colour of
the flesh is red or orange and it is sweet. Little black seeds can
be found in the middle of the papaya's flesh.
• The skin of duku is light brown or milky brown in
colour. The inner part of duku is white and it has
seeds. It tastes sweet. The shape of duku is similar
to a ping-pong ball.
• Durian is a fruit which is well liked in Indonesia as
well as in Malaysia, but foreigners usually do not
want to try it because it has a strong smell. Durian
has very thick and thorny husks. The colour of the
skin is green, and the inside is yellow or
white. Durian has the size of a soccer ball.
Jambu biji
• Jambu biji or batu jambu, known as guava, is a kind of jambu
fruit that is not too juicy. The flesh of the fruit is either red or
white in colour. The jambu's skin is green in colour. The form
of the jambu biji is usually roundish. A lot of tiny seeds can be
found in the core.
• Manggis is a seasonal fruit. It is round in shape and the size is
usually similar to a tennis ball. The colour of the manggis' skin
is reddish purple when it is ripe. The inner part of manggis is
segmented and is white in colour.
• Nangka (jackfruit) has a very thick skin, full of thorns which
aren't sharp. The skin of the nangka is green. There are lots of
yellow seeds inside. The fruit meat of Nangka are used as
vegetable dish when it is unripe but the fruit can be eaten fresh
when it is ripe.
• (Nenas) Pineapple can be found throughout the year in
Indonesia. Usually, the colour of pineapple is green when it is
unripe and it will turn yellowish green when it is ripe. The
leaves of the pineapple are dense and thorny on both
sides. Pineapple is a good source of vitamin C.
• Many types of banana can be found in Indonesia, for example
seeded banana, large banana, milk banana, fragrant banana
(the variety most common in American supermarkets), and so
forth . The skin of the banana is green when it is unripe and it
will turn yellow when it is ripe. Fried banana (pisang goreng) is
a favorite snack in Indonesia.
• Rambutan is the most famous tropical fruit because of the
sweet taste and attractive colour. It has the size of a golf
ball. The skin of rambutan is red but the inner part of the
rambutan (the meat) is white. The skin of the rambutan has lots
of "hair." That is why it is called "rambutan" [ "rambut" means
hair in Indonesia and Malaysia].
• The trunk of a sapodilla tree is big but the branches are quite
low. The colour of sapodilla is brownish red or reddish black.
The shape of the sapodilla is similar to an egg. Sapodilla is
sweet in taste when it is ripe.