Raspberry Pi Garden Monitoring System: Current Progress

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Transcript Raspberry Pi Garden Monitoring System: Current Progress

Raspberry Pi
Garden Monitoring System:
Current Progress
The Garden Gnomes:
Stacy Mar, Brandon Meyers, Devin Mullins
Rapid Prototype Progress
 The prototype will consist of:
 Android Application GUI
 Sample Garden Metrics/Statistics Database
 Hardware Implementation Design
Android Application GUI
 Functionalities:
See Real-Time Status Updates
Control Lights
Search Historical Data
Push Notifications
GUI Progress
 Expecting 6 sections to
monitor garden status
 Light Status Button
should be able to turn
lights on/off
GUI Progress
 Date Metrics (range
 Options for Metrics – will
change to checklist
 Line graph to show
historical progression
through date range
GUI Progress
 Still in progress
 Will be able to modify
ideal moisture/temp/
humidity levels,
notification settings, etc.
Sample Garden
Metrics/Statistics Database
 Contains several metrics to determine health of
garden including:
 Humidity Levels
 Moisture Levels
 Temperature
 Data collected every minute
 Using MySQL database
Database Progress
Sample database includes metrics measured every minute.
Hardware Implementation
 Three sensors implemented on a breadboard:
 Humidity/Temperature Sensor
 Photocell
 Soil Moisture Bricks
 Raspberry Pi connected to breadboard using ATD
Hardware Progress
 Raspberry Pi
programmed to turn
on/off LED light
 Setup of Raspberry Pi OS
 Raspbian OS
Hardware Progress (cont.)
Lessons Learned
 How to setup and use a Raspberry Pi
 Make sure to check proper orientation of
sensors/LEDs/analog devices.
What’s Next?
Establish a working Ethernet connection
Initial sensor setup
Control a simple LED through Android App
Linking database to GUI and Raspberry Pi
Setting up a Web Interface for debugging