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Welcome to
World History
with Florida Virtual School!
Surfing through the Presentation
Grace Period
Course Expectations
Navigating the course
How to submit work
Communication & Help
Sneak Peak at World History
• You have access to the course
24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any
location that has an internet connection.
• The first 28 days that you are active in the course
serve as a “Free Trial” period.
• You may drop the course during the first 28 days
without it affecting your transcript.
• If you decide to drop after the first 28 days, or you
are dropped by the teacher for not completing the
required assignments, it may go on your high
school transcript as a failing grade.
Less than 50% complete = WF (Withdrawn Failing)
50% or more completed = CF (Complete Failed)
Parent and Student Course Expectations
Monthly Calls: Your teacher must complete a phone call with the parent and
student at least once a month. Please help your teacher by scheduling an
appointment for a monthly call before the last contact date turns red.
Academic Integrity Policy: You are not permitted to turn in work that is not your
own and you should not share your work with others. We use to
check your work against everything on the internet including other students’
papers. Plagiarism may result in being withdrawn failed from the course.
Sick/Computer Problems: If you get sick and cannot work for a week or if you
have computer issues, please contact your instructor, so that alternate plans can
be made.
Vacation Time: You have two vacation weeks built into each segment of the
course. Please email or call your instructor before taking a vacation week.
(Time can only be given in weeks, not days.)
Oral Components: You have will have oral components at the end of each
Module (except Module 1). It is very important that you make an appointment, or
call your instructor when you get to that point in the course.
How can I tell if my course is Active?
1) Sign in with your username & password at and you will
see your “dashboard”. It will look something like this:
2) Click on World History
3) Then you will be redirected to EDUCATOR which is site where you will
do your work for the course.
How do I know my grade, how long I’ve been in
the class, and when to contact my teacher?
Course Announcement Page
When you enter the class, the announcement page is the first thing you will see.
It is updated weekly, so take a moment and read it each week.
Course links to
navigate to the
different areas
in the class.
for Orals,
Calls and
Need Help on some
of the
Here are some help
Events and
Teacher Contact
Information is
always posted.
Help Link and
Audio for all
Announcement Page Links
LESSONS: This is like your course textbook. You will find all of your course content and
assignment instructions here. Just remember to work through the lessons in order.
COURSE INFORMATION: You will be able to access my contact information, your pace
chart, course questions and answers, and the academic integrity policy here.
ASSESSMENTS: This is where you will submit your work for grading after you have
completed it. (Remember – directions for assignments are located in the LESSONS link)
GRADEBOOK: You may view your graded assessments and assessment submission
status here. Your assessments will usually be graded within 48 hours. Please read my
comments after your assessments are graded. I give you hints for corrections that you
can make and write personal feedback for you to consider. You can make corrections
and resubmit in the GRADEBOOK area. You are allowed unlimited submissions for
written (typed) assessments.
EMAIL: After you are activated you will use the course e-mail to correspond with me
rather than the VSA messaging system. Every time you log in to the course the second
thing you should do is read your e-mails (after you have read the course announcements
page of course.)
Do NOT use the red “X” on your internet browser to logoff. Click
the Logoff button or else you may end up locked out of the course.
How do I know what assignments to do?
are in
that are due each
1.02,1.03, 1.04
Importance of Staying on Pace
• It is very important that you stay on pace and complete
assignments each week, in order to successfully complete
the course, so don’t go at a snail’s pace!
• If you fall 2 weeks behind pace you may be sent to the
Success Center. Once that occurs, we will need to set up a
Success Plan (a new Pace Chart). If you don’t comply with
the Success Plan, you will be administratively dropped from
the course.
• Communicate with your teacher if you are unable to
complete work, need help with an
assignment, or have questions
about the class.
How do I begin a lesson?
Click here
Then Click Here
How do I submit assignments?
Click either on
Gradebook or
You can also
save your file
and upload as
an attachment.
Just click
“Browse” find
the file saved
on your
computer, then
click on the file
and it will
You have unlimited submissions on
written work, so you may correct it and
At the bottom of the screen there is a
“Submit for Grading” box. Make sure to
check that box and then click submit for
How do I save files before submitting?
 Save the file with the
Module and Assignment
number using an
 Save the file with
an .rtf extension.
This ensures that your teachers will
be able to open and read the file.
Communicating with my teachers
Oral quizzes are required to pass the
course. Call your teacher during her
working hours when you come to one in
the course.
Please try to call your teacher back
within 48 hours if she has left you a
When leaving a message for your
teacher include your name, phone
number with the area code, and the best
times to reach you.
Check your email every couple of days,
if not daily! Also, check your Gradebook
at least once a week to review your
grades and feedback on assignments.
You may need to resubmit something! ;)
Quick…I need HELP!!!
• For help with an World History assignment, just email or call your
teacher during their office hours.
• If you are experiencing technical issues, our FLVS Tech Team
is amazing and will work with you to resolve those problems!
To contact Tech Support by phone call:
Representatives are available:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm EST
Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 2pm EST
To submit a Help Ticket, visit the FLVS Support Center at:
Here’s a
Sneak Peek
at what you
can look
forward to in
Segment 1
Module 1: Introduction to Class - This is a quick and easy module, but it is
chock full of info that you want to pay VERY close attention to as you read!
Module 2: -Ancient Civilizations-You will be studying Ancient China, India, and
Egypt. You will also be completing a chart with the Ancient Civilizations of the
Babylonians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Assyrians and the Persians.
At the end of each Module, instead of a test, you will complete an Exhibit. You
will select 5 of the most important “artifacts” we studied in that Module
(except at the end of Module 3 where you will include important contributions
of the Romans and Greeks). You will include a picture of your “artifact” and two
sentences-a description sentence and an explanation sentence.
Module 3: Rome , Greece and World Religions-You will be studying
Greeks Gods and Goddesses, and Roman Architecture. You will do a
project on World Religions that will allow you to see how long these
religions, maybe your religion has been around, and other interesting
Module 4-North Wing: the Crossings-You will study Feudalism, the Ancient
African Kingdoms, the Catholic Church, and the Crusades
Module 5-The Renaissance-You will study about art, the Protestant Reformation
and Queen Elizabeth I.
Segment 2
Module 6: -The Enlightenment-You will study about the telescope,
and the microscope. You will learn about the Role of Women,
Napoleon, science, and the French Revolution.
Module 7:- Nationalism-You will study about what happened when
Napoleon lost. You will discover what happens to weak countries
that cannot defend themselves.
Module 8: -War and Depression-You will learn about the “War to
end all Wars.” You will study the Holocaust, and the Great
Module 9:-Interdependence-You will learn about the Cold War. You
will study Gandhi, and the decolonization of India. You will discuss
things that have happened in the world that had a huge impact on
Feeling Confused?
 No worries…that is what your FLVS
teachers are here for…to help guide
you to success!
 We are available from 8am-8pm
most days of the week.
 Phone calls and emails will usually
be returned within 24 hours and
assignments graded within 48 hours!
 Now that you have viewed this
presentation, it is time for you to
schedule a Welcome Call with your
What do I do now?
• Log in to with the username and password
provided to you by your school.
• Click on World History on your FLVS dashboard.
• Once you enter the course, your teacher’s announcement
page appears. Scroll down and
click on the link that looks like this:
• Select a day and time that you AND a parent/guardian
would like to do the Welcome Call and your teacher will
call you. Thank you! 