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Everything in nature exists
for just two reasons…
•To help an organism survive
•To help an organism
Male Lion (Panthera leo)
Adaptation: thick mane
Purpose: ?
Hint… only male lions have this adaptation
Purpose of thick mane: protect neck during fights
Bee Orchid (Ophyrus apifera)
Adaptation: fuzzy, black and yellow flower
Purpose: ?
Hint…the orchid is pollinated by just one type of
Purpose: pollination without nectar
Saiga Antelope (Saiga tatarica)
Adaptation: large, fleshy nose
Purpose: ?
Hint… forages for food in a sub-arctic zone
Purpose: warms the cold air before it enters the
nose and lungs
Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)
Adaptation: photosynthetic AND carnivorous
Purpose: ?
Hint… lives in a bog, where the soil has few nutrients
Purpose: obtain missing nutrients by eating insects
Blue Morpho Butterfly (Genus Morpho)
Adaptation: strange brown pattern on the ventral
(under) side of its wings
Ventral View