Parkinson`s Disease: Introductory Information

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Transcript Parkinson`s Disease: Introductory Information

Parkinson’s Disease
First described as the ‘shaking palsy’ by James Parkinson, this
neurodegenerative plagues nearly 1 million Americans who have been
diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Roughly 15% of those diagnosed with the disease
are under 65.
Parkinson’s disease is characterized by 80% degeneration or damage of
dopaminergic neurons specifically in the nigrostriatal pathway.
Degeneration specific some certain neurons in certain pathways. The dopamine
neurons in the nigrostriatel pathway are targeted. The loss of function in these
neurons leads to range of symptoms experienced by a patient.
Degeneration and function all over the brain become very noticeable on fMRI
Early stages of Parkinson’s is associated with mild symptoms such as
depression, mumbling, stiff cramped handwriting, facial stiffness and shuffling
walk. As the disease progresses almost all motor control can be lost.