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REMEMBER: Quiz Tomorrow
The opiatelike substance in the
nervous system that increases
pleasure and reduces pain is
called ________________.
_______ are cells that support,
nurture, and insulate neurons.
The Central Nervous System is
made up of the _________ and
The ____________ nervous
system is responsible for
increasing the output of energy
during emotion and stress
(pumping you up!)
The __________ nervous system
includes all portions of the
nervous system outside the brain
and spinal cord.
_______ are chemical substances
that affect the functioning of other
______________ are chemical
substances that are released by
a transmitting neuron at the
synapse and alters the activity
of the receiving neuron.
Name that Nervous System
These “branch-like” parts of a
neuron receive and transmit
information like antennas.
The ________ of the neuron is
a fatty insulation that protects
the axon much like an extension
cord protects wires.
Name that Nervous System
After a near brush
with death, you
begin to calm
down. Your
sweat dries, your
heartbeat returns
to normal, and
you stop peeing
your pants.
The ____________ nervous
system is also known as the
skeletal nervous system and
controls voluntary movement.
The axon transmits information
away from the cell body to the
The part of the neuron that
keeps it alive and determines
whether it will fire is the
Hint: Comes before “axon”
Name that Nervous System
Chase Utley consciously gets into his batting
stance. He deliberately swings the bat a few
time to get the right feel of its weight. He
calculates the incoming pitch and
purposefully drives the bat forward knocking
in the game winning run.
The _________ nervous system
regulates internal organs and
glands. It controls your racing
heart when you have a crush on
Have 2 people from your team
perform the neuron song and
The _________ nervous system
is responsible for conserving
energy and “cooling” you down.
___________ stimulate the
development of male and
female sexual characteristics.