Imagine how big a shock it might have been for Clifford to return to

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Transcript Imagine how big a shock it might have been for Clifford to return to

A presentation by Raheel
• Why did England declare war
with Germany
• Weapons
• Evacuation
• Tanks
• Adolf Hitler
• Spitfires
• D-Day landing
• Winston Churchill
France, with the United Kingdom, was one of the first participants in
World War II after declaring war on Nazi Germany following its invasion
of Poland in 1939. After the Phony War from 1939 to 1940, the
Germans conducted a brilliant campaign in the Low Countries and, in
the Battle of France, managed to inflict a brutal defeat on the forces of
the Third Republic. France formally surrendered to Germany on June
25, 1940, and a collaborationist government, led by Philippe Pétain and
centered in Vichy, France, was established. On June 18, 1940, Charles
de Gaulle gave a memorable speech to the French people over BBC
Radio, telling them that "France has lost the battle, but France has not
lost the war." De Gaulle did not recognize the legitimacy of the Vichy
government and went on to found the Free French as the true
government of France. The number of Free French troops grew with
Allied success in North Africa, Italy, and the invasions of France in
1944. On October 23, 1944, Britain, the United States, and the Soviet
Union officially recognized de Gaulle's regime as the provisional
government of France. Recruitment in liberated France led to notable
enlargements of the French armies. By the end of the war in May 1945,
France had 1,250,000 troops, 10 divisions of which were fighting in
On August 6, 1945, the city
of Hiroshima was the
target of the first atomic
bomb used against civil
population in history.
Three days later, the
United States dropped a
second atomic bomb over
the city of Nagasaki. In
total, about one fourth of
a million people were
killed by the two bombs.
• Rifles were to
be carried on
the backs of the
Being evacuated was very
exciting, but it was also
strange and frightening. Most
mothers did not go away
with their children, and the
children didn't know where
they were being sent or who
they were to live with. Some
children had fantastic
adventures and some were
very miserable. Before the
war many children living in
towns and cities had never
been to the countryside and
were amazed when they saw
cows and sheep for the first
time! Imagine how big a
shock it might have been for
Clifford to return to London
after living in the country.
• Tanks were
equipped with
heavy armour
Adolf Hitler
• Adolf Hitler was born
on 20th April, 1889, in
the small Austrian
town of Braunau near
the German border.
Both Hitler's parents
had come from poor
peasant families. His
father Alois Hitler, the
illegitimate son of a
housemaid, was an
intelligent and
ambitious man and
later became a senior
customs official.
Spitfires were a key Allied
weapon during the war and
played a decisive part in The
Battle of Britain.
Squadrons of Spitfires were
based at airfields spread
across southern England.
The success of Radar
provided Britain with an
effective early warning
system, allowing Spitfires
and other fighter aircraft to
be 'scrambled' to engage
enemy planes before they
reached their targets.