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Transcript 26-1 - RedLionWorldHistory

Paths to War
I. The German Path to War
 A. Hitler believed Germany could be a
great civilization if they had more
land to settle
 B. In March of 1935, Hitler created an
air force and a military draft which
was against the Treaty of Versailles
 C. France and Britain condemned
Hitler but because of the Depression,
they were not prepared to act
 D. March 1936- Hitler sent troops into
the Rhineland- a demilitarized area
according to the Treaty of Versailles
 1. Great Britain didn’t see a need to
respond even though troops were very
close to the French border
 2. This started the policy of
appeasement- If European conutries
satisfied Hitler’s demands, peace could
be preserved
 E. In 1936, Hitler and Mussolini
became allies. Germany also formed
an alliance with Japan
 F. In 1938 Hitler gained a union with
Austria called Anschluss
 Hitler threatened to invade Austria
 To avoid invasion, they allowed in
German troops and formed a Nazi
 G. In 1938, Hitler demanded the
Sudetenland (area in Czechoslovakia)
 1. British, French and Italian rulers
agreed to give it to him to keep peace
 H. March 1939, Hitler invaded
 1. In response Great Britain promised to
protect Poland if Germany invaded
 2. France and Great Britain began
negotiating with Stalin about containing
 I. August 1939, Germany and the
Soviet Union sighn a noonagression
pact promising not to attack each
 J. Septemeber 1, 1939: Germany
invades Poland, Great Britain and
France declare war on Germany
II. The Japanese Path to War
 A. September 1931, Japanese
soldiers sieze Manchuria after
claiming China had attacked them
 B. The League of Nations investigated
and said a Chinese attack never
 1. Japan pulls out of the League
 2. Japans holds on to Manchuria and
renames it Manchukuo
 C. The U.S. condemned the takeover
but does nothing to stop it
 D. Chaing Kai-shek tried to appease
the Japaneses by letting the keep
 1. Chaing was more concerned with war
against the Chinese Communists
 E. July 1937, Japan attacked Chinese
troops outside of Beijing
 1. Japanese siezed the city
 2. Chaing refused to surrender and
moved the capitol
 F. Japan planned to sieze Soviet
Siberia, in the 30’s they conspired
with Nazi Germany to divide the
Soviet Union
 G. 1940’s- Japan demads rights to
natural resources in French Indochina
 1. In response the U.S. imposes
economic sanctions
 H. Economic sanctions hurt the
Japanese who needed oil and iron
from the U.S.
 1. In retaliation, Japan decided to launch
a surprise attack on the U.S.