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3rd Year History
•Invasion of Poland
SS dressed up 29th of
• 1st September GB and
France declare war.
• Blitzkrieg
• Luftwaffe, then Panzers
then motorised infantry.
Poland defeated in 5
•Phoney War >Denmark and Norway
Fighting on sea only until….
Spring 1940 Denmark
defeated by Germans in a
Norway invaded to protect
neutral Sweden’s iron ore
getting to Germany.
Quisling installed as nazi
puppet in Norway.
Wrong to think the Ardennes
would send the Germans
through Belgium (Maginot
Dunkirk 300,000: British and
French troops evacuated in
‘Operation Dynamo’
France surrendered in the
same railway carriage as
Germans had.
Vichy France and Occupied
Resistance movement.
•Operation Sea Lion and The Battle of Britain
German plan = Sea Lion
• Churchill ‘We shall never
• RAF Spitfire and
Hurricanes and Radar
Vs Luftwaffe.
• The Blitz: Civilian cities
targeted allows RAF
•North Africa
Libyan Oil crucial to war.
• Italy incompetent.
• Rommel’s Afrika corp
successful at first.
• Montgomery and El
Alamein a turning point.
•Operation Barbarossa
June 1941: 3 pronged attack
on Leningrad, Moscow and
Russian retreat. Scorched
earth policy.
Stalin’s ‘Great Patriotic War’
German troops and
machines not able for
Russian winter.
Stalingrad (control of
Caucasus oil fields) big
turning point.
•USA Joins the War
USA had supplied food and
weapons to GB. Allied
convoys had tried to fend off
U-Boat ‘Wolfpacks’.
Japan’s Empire.
Dec 1941 Pearl Harbour. US
navy lucky as only 18 ships
Eventually Alllied ships,
weapons (depth charges),
sonar, code-breaking and air
reconnaissance won.
•Allied Bombing
& Allied Advance 1942-1945
US Flying Fortresses and GB
Lancasters bombed German
cities and factories.
German retaliation with V1
and V2.
GB and US troops up
through Italy.
Russians push Germans
Battle of the Kursk (biggest
tank battle)
•Operation Overlord (D-Day)
D-Day 6 June 1944
Normandy (shallow)
Utah, Omaha, Juno,
Gold and Sword.
• Mulberry Harbours.
Gliders and parachutes.
• Pluto the pipeline.
• Battle of the Bulge
• Hitler’s suicide and VE
day 15th August 1945
•Defeat of Japan
US helped by Austalia
and GB.
• Island hopping. Aircraft
carriers. Kamakazi.
• Battles of Midway, Coral
Sea and Iwo Jima.
• Hiroshima and
•Why the Allies Won
• Bigger
• USA wealth and
weapons ‘the
arsenal of
• Oil
•Results of WW2
(Marshall Aid)
• Nuremberg trials
• Germany divided
• Cold War
• Super powers
• European Unity