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WWII / Mr. Booth/Michelle Leonard
WWII Terms
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United States
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German Aggression
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During the War
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The Holocaust
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Final Jeopardy
Hiroshima- 8-6-45
Nagasaki 8-9-45?
Place and date of two atomic bombs
dropped by U.S.
What is a Kamikaze?
A type of Japanese attack in which pilots
deliberately crash planes into Allied ships.
What is Aryan?
This was the name of what Hitler
believed was the perfect race. These
were people with full German blood,
blonde hair and blue eyes
What is Fascism?
A political movement that promotes
an extreme form of nationalism, a
denial of individual rights, and a
dictatorial one-party rule.
What is Appeasement?
The Munich Conference was an example of giving
into a country’s demands (the aggressor) to keep the
What is blitzkreig?
Also called lightning war which used
fast-moving airplanes and tanks,
followed by massive infantry forces, to
take the enemy by surprise.
What is isolationist?
When WWII began, the United States
foreign policy was this
What is Oil, Rubber, and
Before the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on
December 7, 1941, the U.S. cut off sales of these 3 supplies
to Japan
Who were Japanese-Americans or Nisei?
These people were forced to move to
“internment” camps in the U.S.
What is August 9, 1945?
What day, month, and year did the U.S.
drop an atomic bomb on Nagasaki?
What is the Lend-Lease Act?
System of fixed allotments of goods
deemed essential for the military.
Citizens received coupons for buying
goods and gas.
What is the Rhineland?
In 1936 German troops marched into
the demilitarized zone also called this
“Don’t Choke!”
What is Austria?
In 1936, the Germans annexed this
country which was a direct violation of
the Treaty of Versailles
What is the Munich Conference?
What was the name of this conference where Britain and France used
Who is Neville Chamberlain?
The Prime Minister of England that used the policy of appeasement
with Adolf Hitler
What is the Sudetenland?
An aggressive step the Germans took when given land which was a part of
Czechoslovakia. This part of Czechoslovakia was called
What is the Luftwaffe?
The British air force was called the Royal Air Force. The German air
force was called what?
What is Radar?
The Allies developed this technology that
could tell the number, speed, and
direction of incoming war-planes.
What was the Manhattan Project?
The secret code name for the
development of the atomic bomb.
Where is Hiroshima?
The first atomic bomb was dropped here
on August 6, 1945.
“Don’t Choke!”
What is the Enigma?
This code breaking machine, was smuggled
to Great Britain in 1938, and could receive
German secret messages and decode them
What were ghettos?
Overcrowded segregated Jewish areas
that were overcrowded, sealed off with
barbed wire and stone walls.
What is Genocide?
Systematic killing of an entire people.
What is Anti-Semitism?
This is the term given to political, social
and economic agitation against Jews. In
simple terms it means ‘Hatred of Jews’.
What is Aryan?
This was the name of what Hitler believed
was the perfect race. These were people
with full German blood, blonde hair and
blue eyes
What is Kristallnacht?
Night where Germans smashed the
windows and burned Jewish buildings
and synagogues.
What is D-Day?
Operation Overlord on June 6, 1944 is famously
called this
What is Island Hopping?
When the U.S. jumped from island to island to
take back those islands from the Japanese
What was the Nazi-Soviet Pact?
This Agreement is
depicted in the
cartoon below.
What is Germany?
Name this country:
Where is Nuremburg?
Trials in which Hitler’s most trusted officials
were charge with war crimes against
humanity. 12 of 24 defendants sentenced
to death.