The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Transcript The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Theme Package
Bruno mistakes the word
“Führer “ for “Fury”
The Führer was the title of
Adolf Hitler, the dictator of
Germany from 1933-45
Adolf Hitler
-The Führer -
Chapter 11 mentions
Bruno’s meeting with the
Fury’s friend, the pretty
blonde lady
Eva Braun met Hitler when
she was only 17
She and Hitler were
married 40 hours before
their deaths by suicide in
1945 – she was 33
The novel opens in the
German city of Berlin in the
early 1940s
Population: 4 million
The city experienced massive
bombing by the Allies
between 1940-45
Bruno mistakes the
name Auschwitz for
Auschwitz was a
concentration camp in
Poland which existed
from 1940-45
Rudolf Höss was the first
commandant of Auschwitz
from 1940 – 43
In June 1941 Höss was
informed that because of its
isolation, Auschwitz had been
chosen by Hitler as the main
site for the extermination of
European Jews
Höss was executed in 1947
Lieutenant Kotler was
quite likely a member
of the Waffen-SS
This was an elite
branch of the German
armed forces
They had a reputation
for cruelty
Juana Bormann was
one of the few women
guards at Auschwitz
She was known for her
cruelty and called
“Wiesel” and “the
woman with dogs”
She was executed after
the war for war crimes
Strong, healthy
prisoners were forced
to work by the Nazis
The men in the picture
are building airplane
Near the gas chambers was
a place the inmates called
It was called this because
Canada was thought of as a
country of great riches
Here the possessions of the
prisoners were brought
The items were sorted and
sent back to Germany
About 960,000 Jews
were murdered at
Healthy prisoners were
forced to work until they
grew too weak. Small
children were executed
Prisoners were told they
were going to have a
shower, but instead were
Flag of
Worn by Jewish prisoners it
was known in Hebrew as
The Shield of David
Dates back to at least the
12th Century
Origin remains unknown
King David was Israel’s 2nd
and greatest king
Is now a part of the flag of
Auschwitz’s most famous
prisoner was probably
Anne Frank, the author
of “The Diary of Anne
She was later transferred
to another prison where
she and her sister,
Margot, perished in 1945
Only one remarkable man
managed to get prisoners out
of Auschwitz - Oscar Schindler
He outwitted the Nazis to
save more Jews from the gas
chambers than anyone else
during World War II.
A movie, Schindler’s List, was
made about his exploits
Kolbe was a Catholic priest
who was sent to Auschwitz in
1941 for speaking out against
the Nazis
While there he selflessly
helped many prisoners by
sharing his rations and
tending to their injuries and
He was killed in August 1941
Death of Hunger
In January 1945, 58,000
prisoners were evacuated
from Auschwitz
The SS burned the camp
records and blew up the
gas chambers
The Red Army arrived on
January 27, 1945 and
found only 7,000
prisoners left – most were
very weak and ill
Museum – Watchtower and Fence
Auschwitz Memorial in Amsterdam
This (Auschwitz) is the biggest cemetery for Jews,
Poles, Roma and Sinti. It must tell us that we have
to come back here again and again. We must keep
the memory of the worst crime in human history
alive for those who were born later.
~ German President Horst Koehler