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What is AI
 An attempt to imitate human
reactions by scripting reactions to
happen when a certain cause is
brought about.
What is AI?
 Fundamentally Humans and
Computers think differently
 Computers strictly use logic in making
decisions; many decisions are based off
of true/false statements
 Humans think part logically, part
intuitively, part common sensibly
Weak AI
 As used in games, it can be applied to
opponent players
 These can have rules hard coded into
 They can learn about their environment
 There can be a combination of both
 One of the challenges of a game developer
is that people may want a game to be a
challenge but not too human
Weak AI
 My favorite quote from the research
done by the College of New Jersey to
emphasize that point
 “… in a shoot-em-up like Quake, the ‘smart’
think for a creature to do would be to
run…when they saw you coming. After all,
they’ve just seen you waste three of their
pals. Trouble is, that’s boring. They’d just
go and hide in a corner and shoot you in
the back the first chance they get… the
game would be reviewed as unfair and bad
gameplay… but hold on that’s real AI!”
Weak Artificial Intelligence
 What is considered weak A.I.?
 Machines acting as if they were intelligent, but
simply on the basis of a complex set of rules.
 Weak A.I. does not have the strength of
having feelings or senses.
 Weak A.I. has some type of "thinking"
features can be added to computers to make
them more
Weak A.I. (Cont.)
Some kind of thinking-like feature can
be added to a computer to make them
more useful for individuals in everyday
When weak artificial intelligence is
added to computers, they act as if they
are intelligent and can simulate some
kind of human cognition, for example
voice recognition.
The Turing Test
 The 'Turing Test' is an experiment suggested by
mathematician Alan Turing in his 1950 paper
Computing Machinery and Intelligence. He argued that
if a machine could successfully pretend to be human to
a knowledgeable observer, then you certainly should
consider it intelligent. In the Turing test, a judge has
conversations via teletype, with two systems, one
human, the other a machine. The conversations can be
about anything, and proceed for a set period of time.
If, at the end of this time, the judge cannot distinguish
the machine from the human on the basis of the
conversation, then Turing argued that we would have
to say that the machine was intelligent.
Examples of Weak A.I.
 The IBM super computer named Deep Blue
tested its processing power and won several
chess games against the famous chess player
Gary Kasparov.
 Spell check on Microsoft Word
 Calculators
 Game of life
Learning AI – Some Examples
 Uses a learned
database of board
 Both can be used
with games two
player games other
than chess
 Takes a long time to
learn a game
 Morph
 Uses mathematics to
find the best move to
make in a game
 Can be use with other
games with variable
numbers of players
 New, rare
experiences that
come up in a game
cause morph to make
a bad decision
Strong AI
 The computer has cognitive
 It is artificial in the sense that it is
created by humans, but it is
characterized by true intelligence. In
other words, instead of just following
instructions on how to react in a
situation, the computer will react with
a sense of reason.
Strong AI: What is it?
 The emphasis need not be on what
the computer being made out of what
computers are made out of now. To
classify it as AI is that it is made by
humans. So, it could be made with
biotechnology or practices other than
current programming methods.
…And Finally, the Illustration
 This little game is a demonstration
version of a game I have been
developing for some time now
 The object of the game is to destroy
the ship at the top with your ship at
the bottom by shooting it (down
arrow key)
 Avoid fire so you aren’t destroyed
(left and right arrows)
…And Finally, the Illustration
 In relation to the topic at hand:
 The enemy ship “plays” back, since it has
 In one player mode, it tries to stay on the
opposite side of the screen from you and
shoot its missiles
 In two players, all the ships try to chase
you down, but avoid fire
 The missiles have basic AI in that they
chase their targets
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