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Digital Advertising has become an integral to marketing strategies for every brand the world over.
Marketing Engage offers - Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
- Social Media Marketing (SMM),
- E-Mail Marketing,
- SMS Marketing,
- Blog Marketing and
- Affiliate Marketing to give your business the edge over your competition.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number of clicks on website
without spending any amount on advertisement. This is the best sort of visibility as it generally
has the highest Click Through Rate (CTR) and Average Session Duration with Lowest Bounce
Building an SEO-friendly site
You may have the best product in the market at a reasonable price but till the time potential
customers don’t find it, the product is of no use. With every online buyer using online search, it is
necessary to let Google and all the search engines know about your products or services. We
believe that the right products need SEO with very small investment to make it visible when
consumers look for your product.
 More footfalls, More sales, Higher revenue
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
 We offer a fully integrated approach to search engine marketing, which has a bigger look
basis the overall vision and ROI of business.
 We cover all aspects of Pay Per Click Management, right from stage of strategy to managing
the Adwords and optimizing your end-to-end PPC management service, so that you focus on
your business operations while we handle marketing.
 Our research tools reveal to us the inside story on your competitors’ business strategies
and show us what your competitors are doing on the search engines, and this allows us to
develop PPC campaign strategy to position you ahead of others.
 We help you advertise online via Google, Yahoo and Facebook. We bring you highest benefit
from the world of web.
Social Media Marketing  The reach of Social Media marketing has rapidly spread across the globe and turned into a re
venue churning medium that lets the marketer define his audience, control content, and track
 We manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a number of other social media platforms to gen
erate the largest numbers of hits and conversions on website.
 of the concept for you.
• A number of renowned brands have relied on us for
years and this experience gives us the power and
skills to bring you success in the crowded digital
space. We can review and then build around any
concept that you have in mind, or we can think
Bulk SMS
 We provide bulk sms services and enable our clients to reach the customer in his private spa
ce right away, in the most convenient and cost effective way to inform about the product, ser
vices and offers. With us you can send various kinds of bulk sms, such as text, voice and what
 Every product has a target market and we are able to direct your SMS blast to the most pro
mising group of persons that satisfy the description.
PAN India Target Audience
 Target Audience could be Salaried Class, HNI, Professionals, Credit Card Holders, Car Owne
rs, Investors, CEOs, Doctors, Employees, Businessmen, Student Database, Delhi University, Ag
e range specific, Investors, etc..
 We always adhere to the guidelines of TRAI. We provide services to make sure your SMS find
s a place in your potential customer’s Inbox. Once it reaches the Inbox, they can connect you
for business.
Email Marketing
We’re so methodical and our systems are so feature-rich that we can and do track every em
ail we send. We are excited about maximising the output from our efforts.
We tweak the action and lead to the best measurable impact on your email ROI, we focus on
your list size, your open rate, your click rate, your inactive user rate.
Affiliate Marketing
 Affiliate Marketing will help you capture the market share, it implies a revenue sharing relatio
nship between online merchants and online affiliates wherein the latter promote a product o
r service, and route the interested consumers to the advertiser's website. The affiliate earns a
fee in reward when the visitor performs the intended sale transaction or willing engagement
on the advertiser's website where the affiliate is the source of that routing.
 Cash-efficient pay-per-measure promotion is combined with intelligence-driven strategy, conv
ersion-optimized creatives, sticky content and comprehensive data analytics to get the resuts
that the Advertisers want to see, and expect from us.
Marketing Engage has stronghold on media buying as per the requirements of the clients. We
deal with all the brand and media advertisement mediums like - Print, Television, Radio and
The steps of media planning
 Competition Study - We analyse the promotional activities by the competition and how it
is affecting our business, brand and the market.
 Planning Guidelines - Our planning is based on research, we make objectives that
best reflect the category and brand requirements
 Media Plans - We develop plans based on the overall strategy of client based on
overall objective.
 Portfolio Management - We develop customized plans to fulfill the marketing agenda.
Marketing Engage welcomes and incorporates the recommendations of media groups, channels an
d clients into the media planning and buying process.
Print ads have stood the test of time, holding its own value among the later media like TV, rad
io, ambient, and most recently the Internet or new media advertising, that have eaten into its
once-intense demand.
Marketing Engage brings up appealing ideas in our print ads for newspaper, magazine and oth
ers. We are skilled at positioning the brand for most brand value, recall, retention and brand
Our print ads provide fresh ideas; planning; colours; designs; typography and execution, which
all integrate into a moment of brilliance.
This provides the marketing campaign with a design sensibility fine-tuned to the emotions an
d consciousness of consumers and their response to your brand.
Marketing Engage has tons of experience and expertise in BTL communication activities. Our
methods and philosophy to make a brand stand in front of a whole community has been pro
ven to be effective.
Marketing Engage also experimenting in BTL creatives with new technology and new age me
dia while controlling the cost.
We provide end-to-end marketing services such as POPs, Brochures, events and exhibitions, s
ales promotions, branding and promotional materials that enhances brand awareness.
Marketing Engage Advertising has extensive experience in organising sharp exhibitions for B2
B meets, B2C meets, corporate events, trade fair and branding events. We can help you with
all sorts designing and printing, like - Kiosks, booths & pavilions, trade show presentations, pa
nel designs or road shows, we can efficiently transfer and execute the entire event in a little t
Our head-turning theme based design and display grabs attention in the exhibition stall. At M
arketing Engage, we also provide stall management services, end-to-end.