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Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
Greg W. Marshall
Crummer Graduate School of Business
Rollins College
Positioning of the Journal
The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice (JMTP) is
positioned as a high quality journal internationally that is
devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed articles
addressing substantive, managerial issues in marketing.
In the context of developing, enhancing, and
disseminating marketing knowledge, JMTP values both
conceptual and empirical work by academicians so long
as the work provides strong implications for the
managerial practice of marketing.
JMTP published its inaugural issue in
1992. Since then, it has published four
issues per year including occasional
special issues.
In 2005, the journal was sold to M.E.
Sharpe, Inc., became affiliated with the
Society for Marketing Advances (SMA),
and announced editorial changes.
Subscription included with SMA
Editorial Review Board and Senior
Advisory Board to meet at future annual
SMA conferences.
Special track at SMA – papers are
considered for further review at JMTP.
Submission Information
JMTP is interested in both conceptual
and empirical work.
A wide variety of research
methodologies is represented within
All processing is electronic.
Vital Statistics
JMTP typically publishes 6 articles per
The rejection rate on 1st review is
historically about 60 - 65%.
JMTP publishes Research Notes that
meet our usual review standards, but
are smaller articles with focused
empirically-derived contributions.
Vital Statistics
Average review time is about 60 days.
Each manuscript is evaluated by 3
reviewers in a double-blind process.
JMTP has a policy of requiring helpful,
constructive reviews.
Currently publishing within one year of
final acceptance.
Key Initiatives
Solidify position as a leading academic
journal focused on managerial aspects of
Increase academic visibility, especially
outside the US. Strong M.E. Sharpe
marketing campaign underway.
Increase library subscriptions.
Continue to enhance value for SMA member
Special Issue Ahead
Watch for a special issue on the present
state of, and historical precedent for,
structural equation modeling in
marketing research.
Guest editors are Joe Hair, Barry Babin,
and Jim Boles.
For More Information on JMTP
Visit the JMTP web site:
Contact me at:
Greg W. Marshall, Editor
[email protected]