Chapter 11 - Promotion

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Reaching New Heights . . .
Promotional Brand, Collateral Design,
and Events
Chapter XI
Integrating Marketing in the Leisure Industry
• Promotions are temporary changes in offerings and
pricing used to create awareness and offer incentives.
• Promotion is designed to establish the framework from
which an agency communicates.
• Promotion is newly defined as it establishes the
“communication” presence through the message
(image), design of collateral and promotional events.
Promotional Mix
• Brand Image
• Promotion Collateral
• Events
Promotional Mix and Communication Mix Questions:
Who? (The agency)
Will say what? (The message/brand identify that
represents all marketing mix decisions)
In what way? (The communication mix decisions)
To whom? (The target market)
With what effect? (Consumer feedback)
Brand Image
A result of several activities including:
Brand Identity
Quality of Service
Understanding agency image:
Ask stakeholders, including consumers,
employees, volunteers, non-users and board
members their opinion
Evaluate differences in agency vision, mission and
perception of image
Audit all marketing collateral communication
materials to assess uniformity, messages, and
Real Life Story – Brand Image
Mount Pleasant Area Convention and Visitor Bureau
Mid 1990’s
Late 1990’s – Early 2000’s
Late 1990’s – Early 2000’s
2000 and beyond
Selecting a Medium
A medium is any means used to disseminate
information to about an agency to consumers.
Issues to be considered in selecting a medium:
• Resources
• Time frame
• Target market
• Return of Investment
• Outcomes
• Agency culture
Promotional Collateral
Promotional collateral is defined as visual aids that support an agency’s
communication activities.
Common promotional collateral:
• Postcards, brochures, letterhead, business cards, CDs, etc.
• Flyers, posters
• Annual reports
• Catalogs
• Point of sale displays/exhibits
• Coupons, advertisements, commercials
• Contests/giveaways/sweepstakes
• Photographs
• Video/DVD
• Mascots
• Newsletters
• Programs
• Novelty items/premiums (e.g. logo’s pins, cups, watches, playing cards,
calendars, notepads, pens, chap stick, decals, etc.)
• Sales incentives, free samples, banners, Websites, e-mail,
floats/parades, sandwich board, radio station events/giveaways
Types of Promotions
Non-price promotions
Designed to encourage repeat usage and loyalty.
Sales promotions
Used to entice participation with targeted markets.
Discounts, free admissions and value added
amenities to the experience.
Considerations in Determining the
Type of Promotional Collateral
Marketing objectives
Target market needs/interests
Product life cycle considerations
Agency competitive strengths
Quantity required to reach a market
Method of distribution
Is it fun, unique, useful and lasting?
Developing Promotional Collateral
AIDA Model
Problem messages: Features only
Information overload
Design Elements
• Layout:
Focal Point, Photographs, Negative or White Space,
and Levels of Information
Less is more (Design)
• Anatomy of an ad/ flyer
• Consistency is key
• Negative or white space
• Fonts
• Art: Clip art and photographs
• Color
• Editing and proof reading
Professional Quality Production
Developing professional materials in-house
Use glossy paper to develop a polished look
Print copy on high quality printers (e.g. laser)
Take a desk top publishing class to advance design
techniques and utilize software designed to design
Use professionally designed pre-printed templates
that are customize for your agency
Hiring a professional
Working with a communications professional
Tools Used to Share Promotional
Guerrilla Marketing
Agencies attempt to get more personal with
consumers and develop instant two-way
Mobile Marketing
Marketing efforts that are taken to consumers in large
portable semi tractors where samples are provided to
Viral Marketing
The premise is to spread positive word-of-mouth
advertising in a strategic way
Internet as a Collateral Tool
Design an effective website.
Get consumers to the site through utilizing
communication mix tools including search engines,
email, and Internet advertising.
Publish the agency’s web site on all collateral and
promotional materials.
Sites should quickly communicate with visitors:
1) Who they are?
2) What they provide?
3) How to navigate through the website?
Promotional Pricing
• Temporary decisions to change an agency’s prices
(versus a permanent change).
Forms of promotional pricing:
• Discount coupon
• Special rate code
• 2 for 1 deal or some other type of affiliation
Promotional Events
Promotional events are activities that are designed to
stimulate interest in an agency’s
• Temporary in nature
• Designed to increase awareness
• Host a grand opening to increase awareness of a
new agency or new offering(s)
• Celebrity demonstration to showcase and encourage