Marketing Mix: 4Ps

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Transcript Marketing Mix: 4Ps

Marketing Strategy for
White Appliances Microwave Ovens
 India’s Quick Fact
 India Nowadays
 Research Information
 Market Segmentation
 Marketing Mix: 4Ps
 SWOT Analysis
 Short-term Marketing Strategy
 Long-term Marketing Strategy
India’s Quick Fact
 India is the seventh largest country in the world.
 India's population is one billion making it the second most populous
country after China.
 There are generally more children in a family.
 In some places girls do not attend schools and becoming housewives.
 The food of India is extremely diverse, as ingredients, spices and cooking
India Nowadays
 Microwave is not the-first-option to cook in India compared to
Europe countries or United States.
 Indian people prefer cook in kitchen rather than using microwave
India Nowadays (cont.)
 Indian food preparation versus Western food preparation
Indian foods
•use of various spices,
herbs and vegetables
•wide assortment of
dishes and cooking
Western foods
•Simple ingredients and
put substantial
emphasis on sauces as
seasonings, or
•Less-simple cooking
 The taste of the dishes will be different if cooked by hand manually
or by microwave.
India Nowadays (cont.)
 Microwave is becoming an emerging trend in small towns in India,
since the Indians already get the knowledge how to used
microwave daily.
 Indians like novelty, so microwaves may replace the demand of
goods like second television or big refrigerators.
India Nowadays (cont.)
 Today, kitchen is not for women only, men can cook as well.
 Soon, microwave is taking up a key role as one of the daily use
home appliances in Indian homes.
Research Information
 Providing the microwave manner
 Not convenient and efficient for Indian cooking
 A microwave oven is beginning to replace the
demand for a 2nd television or bigger refrigeration
 The middle-income consumer comes looking for
novelty, value and competitive pricing
 Delhi and Mumbai recording the highest sales of
microwave oven.
 The microwave is beginning to be seen in smaller
Research Information (cont.)
 Housewife bought microwave because she had money.
 Men uses the microwave oven to cook routinely.
 Taste of food that cooked by microwave, does not the same.
 Marketers have to convince Indian consumer that
microwaves are suited to Indian food
Market Segmentation
Target customers
 Middle class
 Urban
 Suburban
 College graduated or higher
 Age 22-40 years old
 Income over Rs. 30,000
 Modern cooking
 Hurry-up lifestyle
Marketing Mix: 4Ps
Product Strategy
Compact microwave oven: toast and grill function
Medium size: 30-liter capacity
Modern appearance
User friendly with less-button
Auto cooking
Multi-stages cooking
Easy-to-clean and rust free
Child safety lock
Burst of steam keeps food moist and evenly hot
Marketing Mix: 4Ps
Pricing Strategy
 A little lower to competition, to attract the market in its introductory
stage. But can be adjusted through time, depending on market
response (may go low or high)
*based on the flapped of Kelvinator’s Magicook
*the middle-earner people can afford this, attached to the ideology of being a
novelty & value item for ones kitchen
 Variation of regular & smaller size to capture the ideal family size &
working young professional market (man & woman living alone)
*company must be careful to over production, to eliminate the issue of
discounting to dispose much volumes
Marketing Mix: 4Ps
Promotion Strategy
 Incorporate the use of this microwave oven in a popular cooking show
that’s being aired in major cities in India, if not all over the country
▫ To create awareness that a certain product exist
* Have a great talent or a very popular person to be an endorser
 Entice the idea in making a promotional ads that everyone can use
microwave to cook good food effortless, which even can man prepare
his own food
▫ To make an impact that microwave can be a part of usual Indian
kitchen set-up
* Ads should also be seen online especially in those kitchen
related websites; Establish an after-sales customer service is also
Marketing Mix: 4Ps
Promotion Strategy (cont.)
 Demonstrate microwave utilization in major malls or widely known
appliance stores, capitalizing to the product’s special feature
▫ To illustrate how useful it can be in daily life & that this item was
made specifically to fit the need of Indian people
 A suggestive tagline can be :
“Your dirty-kitchen, less the mess.” This item has it all.
Marketing Mix: 4Ps
Place Strategy
 Electricity shop
▫ Company’s shops
▫ Special electricity shops
 Personal sales
SWOT Analysis
 Easy-to-use
 High technology
 Functional; toasted, grill, heat
 Microwave maintenance cost
is high. (for user)
 Lacking brand awareness and
 Long-term usage
 Safety for child
 Easy-to-clean
 Call center service
 After-sale service
SWOT Analysis (Cont.)
 Social change (The changing
lifestyles and family structure)
 Huge population (1.3 billion)
 Labor pool
 Consumer unclear of other
microwave utilizations for dayto-day cooking.
 Competitor intentions
Short-term Marketing Strategy
Introductory Stage
To position the product in the market
 A little lower pricing to the existing competitor
 Highlight on the special feature of the microwave in
launching a promotional ads (cooking shows, mall demos,
personalized cooking class, etc.)
 Advertising and communicating
▫ Use a known personality to endorse the product
▫ Movie, regular ads, internet banner
 Door-to-door marketing in the most populated places in the
7 major cities, to create awareness that the product exist
Short-term Marketing Strategy (cont.)
Post-Introductory Stage
To adjust the positioning of the product depending on the reaction of the market
 if it gets a considerable positive response, the company can leveled the price
with the existing competitor
 the company will put add-ons or freebies, so that the market won’t be shocked
with the sudden increase
 promotional ads will also be lessen to cut costs in marketing
* if the market didn’t respond well, the company needs to cut much costs in
other operational procedure
Long-term Marketing Strategy
Brand awareness and Brand loyalty
 The same pricing cut down the freebies, expecting that the product had
captured their market share
 “bring your old microwave, and get the newest model with special price”
 Membership with points collection and additional microwaveable tableware for
new purchase
 Large-scale distribution on companies to have a repeat-order
 Corporate Philanthropy: donate the microwave to cooking school, small-scale
industries, suburban housewives, etc.