Introducing Test America (A Subsidiary of The Rogovin Group) A

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Transcript Introducing Test America (A Subsidiary of The Rogovin Group) A

Test America
A cost effective export initiative
designed to support consortiums of
Bangladesh consumer products
companies in their cautious entry into
The Dynamic American Market
Test America is a subsidiary of The Rogovin Group
The Test America Consortium
A Cooperative Business Building Concept Designed To Promote Select
Bangladesh Export Categories And Cultural Entities In The U.S. Market
Key Objectives:
1) Expeditiously, produce high sales volumes for
participating consortium members
2) Motivationally, enroll Bangladesh government and
business leaders in this partnership program
3) Strategically, spread the financial risk among
all consortium members
4) Rapidly, make a sales and cultural impact in
select U.S. test markets
5) Synergistically, heighten U.S. confidence levels in
Bangladesh branded products
How The Test America Consortium
Will Work For Bangladesh
We will jointly select the best that Bangladesh has to
offer in product categories and cultural assets
All products will share the same brand that over time will
become a highly recognizable brand name
We will promotionally package a group of related, yet
noncompetitive products into a cooperative
merchandising/ display program
The cost of this marketing/ merchandising program
will be born by the cooperating companies
It is important to realize that each cooperating
manufacturer will be paying just a fraction of the cost
of the entire export program
Two Examples
Of How This Consortium Program Works
1. Bangladesh Food Items
Food Products
Complementary Items
Suggested Retail Channels
Sea Food
Super Markets/ Club Stores
Gourmet Food Stores
Cultural Events
Independent Food Stores
Cooking Oil
Art Events
Restaurants/ Hotels
Tea & Other Beverages
Mail Order Companies
In Addition To Retail Displays Customers Will Be Able To:
Buy Bangladesh Dinnerware, Register To Win Trips & Enjoy Bangladesh Culture
All Products And Travel Packages In This Program Will Use One Brand Image
2. Bangladesh Apparel & Footwear Products
Basic Products
Complementary Items
Possible Retail Outlets
Department Stores
Mass Merchandisers
Shirts, Slacks
Leather Goods Stores
Dresses & Other Garments
Bangladesh Culture & Art
Apparel Stores
Other Textile Items
Mail Order Companies
Leather Accessories
Shoe Stores
Gift Stores
All items offered in this PKG will be marketed under one Brand Image
Special Marketing & Sales Support
Standard Packaging & Labeling (Brand Vs. Commodity)
Development Of A Broker Sales Force
Creation Of A Consumer & Trade Website
Creation Of A Sales Catalog
Trade Advertising/ Publicity
Select Trade Show Participation
POP Displays
COOP Advertising (with select retailers)
Test Market Selection And Support
Event Oriented Consumer PR
Joint Promotional Strategies
The Need For Shared Market Research
In This Economic Environment
Research Is An Investment Not An Expense
Insight-Driven Market Research That Draws Out Consumer Attitudes Is
Critically Important
Consumer Research Is Essential To The Success Of New Consumer
Products Including; Merchandising Approaches, Pricing Strategies,
Packaging Designs, Marketing/ Advertising Programs…
Good Research Will Also Focus On A Products Competitive Situation
Developing A Highly Cost Effective Market Research Methodology Is
Essential To The Success Of This Consortium Program
Stage 1.
Test America Feasibility Research
• Discover what U.S. consumers & buyers think about your products
• Learn what adjustments your products might require to be
successful in the U.S. market
• Discover how to profitably sell your products in special
packages to receptive U.S. distributors, merchandise
managers/buyers and consumers
• Learn how to quickly reach acceptable awareness levels
• Or perhaps, based on the results from the research, you might
decide that this is not the time to make the changes that
the study recommends
Introducing Test America’s
Consortium Research Program
Test America’s Shared Research Concept
The Consumer Study
• Targeting sophisticated U.S. adults in select test markets
• 600 completed online interviews
• Approximately 30 questions in all
• Each consortium partner will be able to ask 4-5 unique
questions regarding their product
• Additionally, each consortium partner will share 6-7
general questions regarding their industry, national image…
The Trade Study
One-on-one 15-20 minute interviews with 60 retail buyers
who carry the product categories that our consortium will offer
The interviews will focus on such subjects as:
-POP Display Concepts
-Promotional Approaches
-Sampling Programs
-Cooperative Advertising Concepts
-Their Thoughts About The Merchandise We Will Be Offering
-Competitive Intelligence
-Pricing Information
-Appropriate Next Steps
Market Research Deliverables
Consumer Study
Trade Study
Pre-approver research questionnaire
Pre-approved topic outline
Individual study report for each
consortium partner based on their
particular questions
Audio tapes of the interviews (to be
A final report and recommendations
presented to all consortium partners that
primarily focuses on the shared
information gathered in the study
A written report and presentation that
focuses on the buyer interviews
Stage 2
Marketing Plan Development
Based on the information acquired from the two feasibility studies
we will develop a marketing / sales plan that will focus
on the following factors:
-Time Sequences
-Sales Forecasts
-Budget Requirements
-Joint Funding Concepts
-Payment Procedures
-Cash Flow Requirements
-ROI Data
-Individual Responsibilities
-Staffing Requirements
-Evaluation Techniques
-Checks And Balances
-Test Market Selection
Stage 3
Marketing/Sales Support
Once the marketing plan has been presented to and approved by
The Test America Consortium we will quickly firm up all of the
essential relationships necessary to support the plan.
This combined retail oriented team will consist of:
Sales Specialists
Merchandising Experts
Distribution Specialists
who will implement the many programs that make up
The Test America Campaign
Stage 4
The Implementation & Monitoring
Of The Test America Program
When the many elements for this export consortium program
have been developed, we will use the following parameters
to monitor the initial test market phase:
Number of sales calls made
Number of orders written
Mix of products sold
Number of displays placed
Number of cultural events booked
Retail HQ penetrations
Consumer sell through info
Payments made by retailers
Cooperative advertising used
Reorders placed
Stage 5.
Program Rollout
Assuming that the test market phase of
The Test America Program is successful,
we will make any necessary adjustments
and begin to launch the program on a
broader regional basis
Skills Needed To Make
The Test America Consortium A Success
Knowledge of Bangladesh business/ culture
Proven track record in the marketing of diverse products through various U.S.
retail channels
Experience with associations, coops and consortiums
Experience in retail sales and marketing programs
A strong background in sales promotion techniques
A working knowledge of branding, advertising, PR, online marketing, POP disciplines
A background in trade and consumer market research
An understanding of barter exchange concepts
The ability to negotiate with a wide range of key U.S. facilitators:
-Sales Rep Organizations
-Customs Brokers
-Law & Accounting Firms
-Insurance Companies
-Government Agencies
-Cultural Liaison Organizations
-Media Organizations
About The Rogovin Group
We are an entrepreneurial marketing/ management
consulting organization founded in 1987.
We provide our clients with a mix of:
Sales Development Skills
These skills are designed to expand our U.S. and offshore client’s
marketing/distribution opportunities in the North American market.
Services Provided By
The Rogovin Group
Business Development Plans
Market Research
Direct Response/ Internet Marketing
Point Of Sale Initiatives
Media Concepts
Web Optimization & Social Media Plans
Strategic Alliance Opportunities
Media Barter Concepts
Cooperative Advertising Plans
Sales Support Programs
Sales Channel Analysis
Advertising Recommendations
Public Relations Guidelines
Program Monitoring & Analysis
Proprietary Entrepreneurial Programs
From The Rogovin Group
Transformations in Medicine
Trust 1 Hospital Program
Test America
The Jump/ Start Marketing Plan
Development Process
The SWAT Management Team
Off Shore Companies With Whom
The Rogovin Group Has Worked In The U.S.
Reebok Athletic Footwear
Istel Software
Desmond & Duff Scotch
Orthoview, Orthopedic Templating
Sage Hotels
Vancover Island Hemlock
TAP Airlines
Hotel Palacio
Bodega Hermanos Wines
Gaggenau Appliances
Zoofilia Pet Supplies
Beverly Bidigan Footwear
Super Cart Shopping Carts
Asahi Valves
Imperial Granites
Consortiums With Who
The Rogovin Group Has Worked
The KFC Dealers Association
The Chevrolet Dealers Association
The Luxury Living Dealers Association
The Photo Quick Merchants Organization
The Amy Joy Donut Franchisee Coop
The Austin Travel Agency Members Consortium
The Zoofilia Franchisee Association
The State Properties Shopping Malls, Tenants Associations
The Rogovin Group’s
Senior Consulting Team
David Rogovin
President & CEO
Roger Day
Dir. Emerging Businesses
Don Frattaroli
Director of Technology
Don Giller
Dir. Health Care Initiatives
Jack Reynolds
Director of Market Research
Kazi Belal
Director Business
Development, SE Asia
Paul Kelly
Director of Sales for Client Programs
Ioannis Voutsadakis
Director Business
Development, S. Europe
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