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Community Marketing
• Designed to engage various members of the community.
• It is all about networking and setting up events that
encourage sales counselors to partner with homeowners,
prospects, realtors, community leaders, school officials, and
business leaders.
• Designed to partner with organizations, build relationships,
and not just sponsor them.
Goals & Objectives
• Introduce sales counselors to community leaders
• Highlight Fischer Homes’ commitment to the communities
where we build
• Provide strong networking opportunities
• Increase PR activities
• Generate referrals and leads that can help drive prospect
• Provide Fischer Homes with a strategic competitive
• Create grassroots, word of mouth marketing
Community Roadmaps
• Each community will have its own roadmap that
details all marketing activities quarter-by-quarter
• This is maintained by the sale counselor
• This is an active document that is continually changing
Community Marketing Ideas
Interior Design Event
Library--Storytelling at model
Canned Food Drive
City Council/Mayor Luncheon
Fire/ Police Department Luncheon
Home Buying Seminar
Late Start School Breakfast for Teachers
Host School/Club Meetings at model
Open House/Fundraiser with local
PTA/PTO/Band Booster/Athletic Booster
($5 donation for everyone who shows up to $500)
Alumni Meetings at Model
• Realtor Luncheon – high end food, targeted
• Community Leader Luncheon
• Event for FH Vendors
• Groundbreaking/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
• Holiday Event
• Block Party
• Book Club Meeting
• Scrapbook Meeting
• Baby shower
• Wedding shower
• Moms groups
• Tie to local sports events- reason to go
Event Planning Process
1) Decide on event for your community
• What type of event will be most successful to target your
• Identify outside groups that would be interested in this event.
• Try to determine a date and time that is most convenient for the
group you are inviting.
• You can always bounce ideas off Marketing
Event Planning Process
2) Create a plan that includes details and who is responsible for
• Date/Time?
• Who is the audience?
• Budget?
• Goals/Objectives?
• Need for PR?
• Food?
• Tables/Chairs?
• Giveaways? Allow 4 weeks for delivery if it is a new item, 2 weeks for repeat
Event Planning Process
3) Communicate to sales/division manager on
details and get budget approval
• Before anything moves forward, the sales/division manager must give approval.
Event Planning Process
4) Develop invitation (with marketing support as needed),
send to marketing to order through Printing Gallery
• All invitations should go through marketing
• Two weeks notice is required for invitations to be processed – so plan your
event in advance
Event Planning Process
5) Promote Event
• Send out invitations
• Spread the word to local businesses/organizations
• Follow up with phone calls
• Utilize homeowners to help spread the word
• The more effort put forth here, the better the results of your event!
• Ask marketing if you want a facebook post or other support – 1 week notice
Event Planning Process
6) Fill out goal sheet!
• The goal sheet is a document that explains the goals of the communitymarketing party/meeting in a community.
• The goal sheet is mandatory.
• Provide to sales manager, who can share with marketing.
Goal Sheet (cont.)
Identify the means in which you are promoting
your event as well as the attendance goals
you are anticipating:
• Attendance Goals:
Invited ___ people total
Invited ___ homeowners
Invited ___ prospects/other
Sent ___ emails
Called ___ homeowners/prospects
Walked the community:______
• Homeowners: ____
• Referrals/Prospects:___
• New Visitors: ____
• TOTAL Party attendance: _____
Goal Sheet (cont.)
• One week after the event, this information will be filled in
to complete the goal sheet:
Actual traffic week of party: ________
Sales in 30 days following: _______
# of leads from event:_____________
# of traffic units month after event:______
Referral Growth in following month:______
Event Planning Process
7) Follow up with marketing post-event to
communicate results
• Please inform sales manager and marketing of your event details as
soon as possible
• Goal sheet will be completed with results
• Roadmap will be updated to reflect event
• Send any event pictures to Marketing (with photo release if you
want posted to facebook)
Bandit Signs
Options for signage targeting rental market
Can be placed by team and ordered through Design Masters
or ordered and placed by redirections.
Should go to Google voicemail number – set up for phone tree.
Open Houses
Link to openings
Community events
Realtor wide open houses
1) Get permission from sales manager
2) Communicate timing with marketing, who will notify HMS
3) Order signs as needed – signs for community, market, model