Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution

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Transcript Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin and his
Theory of Evolution
Personal Information
He was born on February
12th, 1809, in England
He studied Medicine at
the University of
Edinburgh (1825)
He then went to
Cambridge University to
study Theology in 1827
He wrote the book “The
Origin of Species” in 1859
He died in 1882
His adventure
Darwin traveled on the
ship HMS Beagle for
about 5 years
Darwin also visited
some Spanish ruins and
saw many different
geological formations,
fossil variations and live
To know more about the voyage, click here
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
1. Variation -There are
differences in every
Individuals in a particular
species are not identical
Differences make it easier for
that individual to survive
long enough to produce more
For example, some may have
different coloured fur or skin
so that they are less visible
If these individuals mate
with each other, they will
pass on the advantage to
their offspring
Gradually more and more of that species will have the different coloured fur
The species will have changed, or evolved
2. CompetitionOrganisms (plants
and animals) fight for
3. OffspringOrganisms have more
babies than can
4. Genetics- Organisms pass traits on to their babies
5. Natural Selection- Those organisms with the most
beneficial traits are more likely to survive and
“the survival of the fittest”
In Conclusion
Darwin was a British
He spent five years on a
boat called the HMS
Beagle doing research on
plants and animals
He created the idea of
Natural Selection and the
Theory of Evolution