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Charles Darwin
By: Mya Toczko
My Scientist Charles Darwin
• Charles Darwin, a naturalist, developed the theory of natural. He
also proposed the Scientific Method and was the first
evolutionary biologist.
• I chose Charles Darwin because I know a lot about him and
what he did. Making a scrapbook I can learn much more about
him and what he did during his life.
Charles Darwin’s Birth Certificate.
Diary Entry
• Dear Diary, after I did my homework, I was allowed to go
outside before supper. I saw two rare beetles, on old bark, and
seized one in each hand; then I saw a third and new kind of
beetle, which I could not bare to lose, so that I popped the one
which I held in my right hand into my mouth. Alas, it ejected
some intensely acrid fluid, which burnt my tongue so that I was
forced to spit it out.
• C.D.
Newspaper Article on Charles’s trip to the Galapagos Island .
1809 12 February Born in Shrewsbury, England, the son of Robert Waring Darwin and Susannah, nee Wedgwood
1817 Attends day school in Shrewsbury run by George Case, Unitarian minister. His mother dies.
1818 In June goes to Samuel Butler’s school at Shrewsbury as a boarder (stayed 7 years). Butler was the grandfather of Samuel
Butler (1835-1902) the science writer and critic of Darwinism.
1831 Meets Captain Robert FitzRoy (1805-65) and makes preparations for the voyage.
1832 16 January, Darwin makes his first landing on a tropical shore at St Jago, Cape Verde Islands.
1836 Beagle calls at Sydney in January, Hobart in February, Cocos and Keeling Islands in April, followed by Mauritius. Visits Cape
of Good Hope from 31 May to 18 June. The ship makes way across Atlantic ocean calling at St Helena and Ascension Islands in July.
Returns briefly to Brazil in August to check some readings. Calls at Azores in September. 2 October, Beagle drops anchor at Falmouth,
England, and on 4 October Darwin returns home to Shrewsbury.
1836-1863 writes books and papers all about his studies and what he finds.
1839 Marries Emma Wedgwood on 29 January.
1863 Seriously ill, consults many medical men about his symptoms. Ill health continues until spring 1866
1882 Dies 19 April, aged seventy-three
10 Cool facts about Darwin
1. Darwin once ate an owl
2. Darwin wanted to be a doctor, but he couldn’t stand the site of blood
3. Darwin’s nose almost cost him the trip on the Beagle.
4. Captain Fitzroy named a mountain after Darwin for his birthday.
5. Darwin married his first cousin.
6. The full title to the “Origin of species” is “ The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the
Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.”
7. Darwin never invented the phrase “survival of the fittest”
8. Darwin firmly established the theory of organic evolution.
9. Darwin lost his faith in Christianity when he returned from the Beagle
10. When Darwin became ill he consulted with more than 20 doctors and was bedridden for many years!
Pictures of Charles Darwin
The Charles Darwin National Park, Northern Territory; Charles Darwin University, Australia; Darwin, Northern
Territory; Cordillera Darwin, Tierra del Fuego are four places that are named after Charles Darwin
Darwin’s 7 Contributions to the world
1. Darwin ‘changed the world from being seen as static to evolving’ (changing). That is, microbes, over billions of years, changed into
trees, animals and men. Living things do not reproduce true to their type after all, but change into different things, the evolutionist
2. Darwin ‘established the implausibility of creationism’. God did not create things; they arose through natural processes.
3. Darwin ‘refuted cosmic teleology’ (that is, that the universe has a purpose). The existence of the universe is just a giant accident; it
has no purpose.
4. Darwin ‘established materialistic/naturalistic philosophy’. That is, God is an unnecessary hypothesis
5. Darwin ‘ended Aristotelian essentialism’ (that is, the belief that things live because of some vital essence, life force, or spirit, rather
than because of mechanisms understandable to scientists).2
6. Darwin ‘refuted catastrophism’. For Darwin, present processes operating over long periods of time accounted for the world and
everything in it.
7. Darwin ‘ended absolute anthropocentrism’. That is, Shermer claims that Darwin established that man is just an animal; man is
nothing special. He is just another accident of cosmic evolution, with no ultimate purpose
• By Mya Toczko