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By Rhea Thakkal
Region- West
• There are many, many land forms in Denali National
• Mount McKinley is 20.320 feet and is the highest point in
North America.
• South Peak is 20,320 feet. (Same as Mount McKinley).
• Mount Foraker is 17,400 feet.
• The north peak is 19,470 feet.
• The lowest point in the park is 200 feet. (Look at that
compared to the highest point)
• People did lots of things in Denali National Park for
LOTS of years.
• Kayukon Athabaskins (the native americans) were the
first people to live in the park in 11,000 BP.
• After the Native Americans George Vancover came. He
was surveying the knik Arm of the Cook Inlet.
• The Government made the land a national park in 1980
and in 2011 406,582 people visited the park.
• Waterways play a big part in Denali National
• The Tanana River ultimately empties into the
Yukon River.
• The Nenana River is 150miles long!!!
• The many rivers in Denali are mostly quite
shallow moving over permafrost earth
• Trout fishing sometimes occurs in Wonder Lake.
Rocks and Minerals
• There are many types of rocks and minerals in
Denali National Park.
• Fossils in the same rock layers where the fossils
are found .They begin to put together a more
complete story.
• Sedimentary rocks hardened the sitts and muds
where dinosaurs presses their left tracks.
• In Denali these layers with dinosaur tracks are
called the lower Cantwell Formation.