Earth Systems & Resources

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Earth Systems & Resources
Lucas Lemons
5th period
Rock Cycle
Three main types of rocks: Metamorphic,
igneous, and sedimentary
Metamorphic are made from large amounts
of heat and pressure (slate and marble)
Igneous rock is formed from the cooling of
magma (granite and basalt)
Sedimentary rock is made from the piling of
materials over time (sandstone, shale,
Soil Erosion
Soil erosion is when weathered rock or soil moves
from one place to another
This type of erosion destroys the soil profile and the
water-holding capacity
Many farming techniques such as, monocultures
and overgrazing leads to soil erosion
Common types of soil erosion include: Sheet
erosion, Rill erosion and Gully erosion
Desertification, Salinization and Waterlogging are all
caused by soil erosion
Soil Erosion Images
Sheet erosion
Rill erosion
Gully erosion
Geological Time Scale
There are two types of time scales to
measure the age of earth
The first type is a relative time scale that is
based of layers of rock and the evolution of
The second type is the radiometric which is
based on the radioactivity of chemicals in
Geological Time Scale Image
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