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This hand is welcoming everyone
that looks at the slide show.
A lot of rock art was of gods and this one was too.
This is an ambush by one Indian to one of
another tribe.
Chief John must have been the chief
of some Indians.
A lot of rock art is very descriptive,
like this one by a weird Indian.
Geometric Pictographs
At Indian Head Canyon
“Long ago the Shoshoni
Would go to the hills or
Rocks in the mountains
Where there was ‘a kind
Of writing’ . . . in quest
Of a dream . . .
Rock art is the most
Common form of
Ancient art. Many who
Spend time in the
Outdoors are familiar
With these strange and
Beautiful images.
Big Springs is a
Mountain canyon with
A free flowing stream
And waterfall; the kind
Of place where Power
Might be collected or
Shield Figure pictographs at Big Springs
The large hand-painted designs on this panel at
Big Springs shows the Power Line motif; suggesting
A Shaman’s vision.
The large
Horned being
Is the classic
Figure of the
The figures
Signifies power
And magic.
Besides providing compelling images for people to see
and enjoy, rock art can unlock clues to the past. This
Ancient rock art from the Sahara region of Africa shows
Prehistoric herders and cattle when the Sahara was a
lush grasslands.
Rock art is valuable in interpreting archaeological Sites. It depicts
the cultural symbols of the people who came before us.
Unfortunately, thoughtless people frequently destroy or deface
these priceless art treasures which then deprives others of their
right to enjoy these amazing images.