Ions and isotopes

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Atoms, Ions, and Isotopes
Quick Review
• Atoms are made up of three particles:
• Protons
• Neutrons
• Electrons
• Question: Which of the three particles
identifies what element an atom is?
• The PROTON! (very important)
Different Forms of the Same
• In any element, the # of protons is always
• the # of electrons and neutrons can change
in an element without changing the identity
of the element.
• An ISOTOPE is a form of an element that
has a different number of neutrons than
• Carbon has three isotopes
Notice how the # of
protons does NOT
• An atom usually has a neutral charge. That
means it has the same number of protons as
• Remember, a proton has a positive charge and an
electron has a negative charge
• ION – an atom that has lost or gained one
or more electrons and has become charged
either positively or negatively
Atomic Cards Activity
• Spread out the 18 models of atoms
• Match each model with the element location of
the Periodic table.
• Look for patterns vertically and horizontally.
• Once done go to google classroom and complete
Atomic Card Questions and turn in