AI 2.2 Properties of Addition

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2.2 Properties of Addition
Commutative Property – The order
in which two numbers are added
does not change the sum.
Associative Property – The way
you group three numbers when
adding does not change the sum.
2.2 Properties of Addition Cont.
Identity Property – The sum of a
number and 0 is the number.
Property of Zero (Inverse
Property) – The sum of a
number and its opposite is 0.
Science Connection
Atoms are composed of electrons,
neutrons, and protons. Each electron
has a charge of -1, each neutron has
a charge of 0, and each proton has a
charge of +1. The total charge of an
atom is the sum of all the charges of
its electrons, neutrons, and protons.
An atom is an ion if it has a positive
of negative charge. If an atom has a
charge of zero, it is not an ion. Are
the following atoms ions?
a.) Aluminum: 13 electrons,
13, neutrons, 13 protons
b.) Aluminum: 10 electrons,
13 neutrons, 13 protons.
Championship Game
In the game that decides the high
school football championship, the
Vikings need to gain 12 yards to
score a touch down and win.
Their final four plays result in a 9yard gain, a 5-yard loss, a 4-yard
gain, and a 5-yard gain as time
runs out. Use a number line to
model the gains and loses. Did
they win?
Temperature Change
The temperature rose 5°F from
7am to 11am, rose 2°F from 11am
to 5pm, then fell 6° from 5pm to
Use the properties of addition and
the rules of addition to find the
overall change in temperature.