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Climate Change
Team Members:
Andy W.
Dean H.
Timothy C. Mitchell L.
What Is Global Warming?
Global warming is a theory of the climate
becoming hotter. The world is being
polluted by carbon dioxide which covers
the world, and traps in heat.
Contributing Factors To
Global Warming
Many factors contribute to global warming.
Here are some: electricity generation,
burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and
land use.
Greenhouse Effect
The earth’s atmosphere
allows sunlight to pass
through. As the earth is
warmed up, it sends
some of the energy
back to space.
However, greenhouse
gases (gases in the air)
absorbs some of the
energy and sends it
back to earth again.
Biodiversity Loss
Melting glaciers
Sea Levels Rising
Increased droughts
Spreaded disease
Shifts in the timing of Seasons
Increasing rates of extreme weather
Result? Biodiversity loss!
What Companies/Individuals
Are Already Doing
Car companies making hybrids
 Energy-conservative light bulbs
 Construction companies are building climate-friendly
 Solar-powered inventions
 Politicians running campaigns on climate change
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