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The Sociedad Mexicana de Manejo de Pastizales, A. C. invites producers,
technicians, consulting advisers, professors and researchers, public
servers, students, and the general public to participate in
First Announcement
October 13th-15th, 2010
Venue: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas
It is estimated that the proportion of the planet covered by grasslands
varies between 20 and 40 % of the total surface of arable land.
Grasslands and pastures contribute to sustain around 800 million
people, mostly low-income agricultural producers. Grasslands provide a
great variety of environmental goods and services, thus having a great
environmental and socio-economic importance. The livestock sector
generates 18 % of greenhouse emissions and, currently, pasture areas
constitute a strategic resource that helps to mitigate the global warming
of the planet. As it happens with other agricultural crops, fodder
production depends primarily upon natural conditions (weather, soil,
water) that in this context are rapidly modified putting at serious risk the
existing biodiversity and the quality of life for all humanity. This
Congress has the following objectives: to analyze the importance of
management of the grasslands ecosystems, emphasizing the
environmental policy that has been currently structured around climate
change and rural development; to assess the different strategies towards
the conservation and the promotion of biodiversity in grasslands
ecosystems; to promote the analysis and the study on the utilization of
livestock production systems, particularly on grazing areas; to examine
the current impact and the potential of climatic change over grasslands,
and the possible strategies to diminish it. There will be lectures by
internationally recognized scientists, and experiences from successful
livestock producers, covering the diverse aspects related with the
Congress objectives.
First Announcement
Specific Topics:
Grassland Health: Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation
Assessment and valuation of environmental services for
grasslands ecosystems: Adaptation of livestock systems to
climatic change
Management of grazing areas under restrictive conditions
Genetic resources and local knowledge
Restoration of grazing areas. Storing forages
Role of grazing areas in the mitigation of climatic change
Strategies for management and reconversion of grazing
areas to increase its contribution against climate change
and the profitability of production units
Dynamics of greenhouse emissions (GE) and the
grasslands ecosystem: tools and methodologies to assess
GE in livestock production
Management of areas and forage resources under the
current context of World policy on climatic change
Planning, administration and legislation of the livestock
production units
Case studies on adaptation and management of
Livestock landscape and ecotourism
First Announcement
Deadline for the reception of Abstracts
June 15th, 2010 (600-word)
Notification of Abstracts approval:
June 30th, 2010
Deadline for reception of extended papers for its
inclusion in the Congress Proceedings:
July 15th, 2010
• II International Symposium on Tropical Forages
• Pre-congress courses (October 11-12th, 2010
• Presentation of awards to distinguished researchers
• Presentation of awards to successful livestock
• Book reviews
• Technical visit to a model livestock production unit
Before July 20th
After July 20th
$ 800
$ 1000
$ 1000
$ 1500
$ 300
$ 400
$ 500
$ 600
Current Members
Non-Member Professionals
Further Information:
Dra. Ma Eugenia Velasco Zebadúa ([email protected])
Dr. Nestor Espinosa Paz ([email protected])