Nguyen Mong Cuong

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Adaptation to Climate
Change in Vietnam
Opportunities and Barriers
Nguyen Mong Cuong
Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Hanoi - Vietnam
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1 + Located in the area most
effected by natural disasters
+ Long coastal line of 3260 km
with low coastal deltas
+ The impacts of climate
change are very serious.
2. The works of V&A assessment
has been done under Vietnam
National communication
Sectors are under assessed
as bellows :
Water resourches;
Agriculture; Coastal zone;
Forestry and land use;
Energy and transport;
Aquaculture; Humanhealth.
3. Vietnam policy has great concerns to environment
protection, sustainable development and raising the
people's living standard
1993, The Law of Environment and 1994,The Guidelines for
the implementation of the law issued.
2000 : National Strategy for Environment Protection (NSEP)
in 2001-2010 was approved
2001 : Vietnam Country Program to implement UNFCCC has
been formulated with the main activities including
formulating strategy, policy and action plant to adapt CC
and to decrease impacts CC.
4. The cooperation among research officers,
Universities in V&A assessment under N C project has
been established
5.The lack of appropriate data
+ The lack of adequate monitoring and collection
+ Difficulties experienced in accessing data- bases.
+ Lack of technical capacity to analyze and manipulate data for
+ Lack of quality assurance
6. Uncertainties in regional, local climate change scenarios,
Socio-economic scenarios
7. Public awareness for policy - makers on the subject of V&A
is inadequate
+ Lack of knowledge on CC and V & A from policy - makers.
+ Lack of ability of technical personnel to convey clearer and
concise information on CC and V&A issues to policy - makers
8. Financial and technical support is limited :
+ Lack of methodologies to identifying and collection information, apply
models and interpret results
+ Inadequate financial and technical capacity to develop or modify
existing models and methodology.
+ Lack of financial sources to implement the adaptation measures.
9. The institutional arrangement for V&A studies is weak.