climate week assembly - Front Street Primary School

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Transcript climate week assembly - Front Street Primary School

Climate Week is a national occasion that
reminds everyone to reduce, reuse and
recycle to combat climate change.
It is to remind us to do our bit to protect
our planet.
Last year an earthquake hit Haiti
on the 24th January. The country
has yet to recover.
The eruption of a volcano in
Iceland resulted in flights over
Europe being grounded for more
than a week in April 2010.
The recent earthquake and
tsunami in Japan has left the
country devastated.
What can we do …..
It may not seem like much but
having our School Eco Code in
mind will help.
Turn fruit waste into compost
Help the environment – recycle, reuse, reduce
I can make a difference!
Not in use turn it off!
Keep our school clean and tidy
The School Councillors last year worked very hard to
achieve the Eco Schools Bronze Award.
This year we hope to achieve the Silver Award. But we
need your help…….
Make sure you put the right waste into
the correct bin.
Remember when you leave the
classroom you must turn off the lights.
Turn the smart board off when the
teacher has finished using it.
To help save electricity in school don’t
leave computers on standby.
Recycle paper and card in the
Turn lights off when they are not
Pick all rubbish and waste up and put it
in bins.
Please don’t fill your water bottles all
the way to the top.
Look after the environment.
Do not drop litter.
Respect the community.
Always remember to reduce, reuse and
Think about all of the people affected
by climate change.
The children have put together an Eco Pack for each
Your teacher will keep the pack safe and will allow you in
Golden Time or wet play times or free time to get one of
the fun things out to do.
In the pack is a sheet of great websites the School Council
found that have recycling, reusing and reducing games to