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Our Energy, Our Future:
A Dialogue with America
Mobilizing co-op consumers to ask their elected representatives
tough questions about the future of energy.
Electric Cooperatives
America Faces a Looming Electricity Crisis
• Americans depend on safe, reliable electricity at an
affordable price but rates are steadily rising, putting
affordable electricity at risk. In the last five years, utility
bills have risen 30 percent.
• We have maxed out our generating capacity yet America’s
economic growth will require 30% more electricity by 2030.
• National climate change goals are being set even though
America lacks the technology to meet deadlines.
• Investments in energy research and development declined
precipitously in recent years.
Electric Cooperatives
Challenges Ahead
• Address the issue of greenhouse gases
• Increase generating capacity by 30 percent to keep up
with projected demand over the next 20 years
• Prevent the possibility of an electricity shortage, which
could be here as soon as 2011 in some parts of
• Keep electricity affordable
Electric Cooperatives
The Current Political Landscape
• Americans are sensitive to global climate issues
• The availability of affordable, reliable power has never
been more in doubt
• Carbon reductions and new costs are coming, either by
legislation or regulation
• Many components of climate change proposals will
impact electric cooperatives
Electric Cooperatives
The Legislative Status
• The U.S. House passed an energy-climate bill that
mandates GHG emission reductions to 17% below
2005 levels by 2020 and 83% in 2050 and a full
auction of emission allowances by 2030.
• The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works
Committee passed a bill that mandates GHG emission
reductions to 20% below 2005 levels by 2020.
• Neither bill meets the test of keeping electricity
affordable for all electric consumers
Electric Cooperatives
Another Approach
• Sen. Cantwell is drafting another approach for the
Senate to consider
• Eliminates many factors that would raise costs without
providing any environmental benefits
• Places strong price signals on resources that produce
greenhouse gas emissions
Electric Cooperatives
The Electric Cooperatives Goal
• Set CO2 caps consistent with the commercial
availability of technology
• Keep Wall Street speculators out of the allowance
• Help Congress develop and pass a simple, affordable,
flexible and effective piece of legislation to address the
nation’s energy and climate change objectives
• Make sure elected representatives remember their
obligations to protect the public’s interest in
maintaining affordable, reliable electricity
Electric Cooperatives
To Be Successful We Need to Do It All
To meet future demand we must…
• Restrain the rate of demand growth through energy
• Increase energy generation from renewable energy sources
• Make our current fossil-fueled power plants more efficient
• Figure out how to capture and store carbon dioxide from
power plants
• Increase our reliance on nuclear energy
• Bring plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to market
• Improve the viability of consumer-generated energy
Electric Cooperatives
What We Need…
• Leadership and sustained commitment by Congress
• Public-private partnerships
• Our members/consumers in one unified voice
demanding legislators strike a balance between our
electricity needs and climate change goals
Electric Cooperatives
Why Electric Cooperatives
• We are well-positioned to lead the debate about our
energy needs and influence opinion as we have a direct
stake in the outcome
• Our message is about keeping the lights on and
electricity affordable
• We are a consumer movement for a balanced
responsible energy future
• We are speaking for consumers not special interests
Electric Cooperatives
What We Have To Do
• Bring co-op members/owners and their elected
officials together to talk about what needs to be done
to ensure a reliable and affordable supply of electricity
• Urge Congress to work with electric cooperatives to be
sure public policy meets your need for affordable
• Now is the time to get involved…later will be too late
Electric Cooperatives
Join the Campaign
Electric Cooperatives
Join the Campaign
Electric Cooperatives
Join the Campaign: www.ourenergy.coop
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Our Energy, Our Future:
A Dialogue with America
Electric Cooperatives