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Scott Waterman
Phil Loudon
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
[email protected]
Arctic Technical Services
[email protected]
…there is interaction between combustion & occupant
with attic and crawl?
Too much attic air = heat loss, icicles, over
ventilation, dry house, etc. It annoys the cat.
Moldy oldie Crawl space = bad Occupant air
Combustion air in crawlspace is NOT
crawlspace ventilation air!
There is more demand for oil than the world
can produce?
Burning of fossil fuels is driving atmospheric
C02 to 400ppm?
Environmental aspects of oil production are
wreaking havoc on other economic livelihoods?
Water intrusion
Moisture diffusion
Air leakage
Heat loss
Other air quality issues
Hold the building up
Keep the groundwater out
Keep the soil gas out
Keep the surface water out
Let the water vapor out if it gets in
Keep heat in during winter
Keep heat out during summer
Your Instructor May be older
Recent building development
Replaced open post & pad
How do they dry?
Pre-1940 in the northern United States,
the standard residential foundation
type was the basement.
They were often used as root cellars
in urban as well as rural areas.
In the northern U.S., crawl space
foundations were used for porches and
unconditioned building additions.
In the southern U.S., however, most
residences were on pier foundations.
Economy of pier foundations over
basements, in the absence of frost.
Building precedents in agriculture
rather than urban culture.
Likelihood of termite infestations.
Variety of storage options on farms.
Closed vent
Open vent
“Air is like teenagers, cheap labor and rivers…. It
takes path of least resistance” (& flows through
nearest largest available hole.)
For airflow to occur, there must be a hole, and
a driving force.
Driving force can be stack, pressure,
differential, temperature, wind, mechanical
Your house acts like a chimney
Stack Effect
House As A System
Exhaust fan
Ducts & in-line fan integrate bath exhaust with
crawlspace ventilation
Exhaust fan
Intake fan
Adding an intake fan
Adding an HRV
Passive vented crawl space Juneau 12/16 – 01/01
Mechanically vented crawl space Juneau 12/15 – 12/31
Passive vented crawl
Mechanically vented
The crawlspace to attic
Sewer gasses
Can be a problem in many areas of western US
Alaska radon specialist, Rich Seifert, University
of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension
[email protected], 1-800-478-TECH (8324)
EPA radon website address has manuals for
buyers, sellers and builders:
From Radon Mitigation - Alaskan Experiences, Costs, Results
In-line fan
ventilates house &
In-line fan
Use duct mastic or
UL 181 labeled tape
for sealing ducts!
(The end of cheap oil)
Peak Oil - When the production of crude
reaches the halfway points
The second half of the oil era will be far more
expensive than the first
Pessimists say Peak Oil has arrived
Optimists say it will be here by 2020
Fossil fuels fuel climate change
Every recession in the US since 1929 has been
preceded by a run-up in energy costs
Economic issues overwhelm those of energy and
climate change
Energy and climate change will drive the economy –
in either direction
Economic activity is closely related to energy use
Slavery was 25% of the British energy prior to
abolition. The result was the industrial
Any economic model works with cheap energy
Peak “cheap energy” passed in 2005
Mr. Obama knows the situation
To maintain the “American Way of Life”
is impossible
Transitions are Hard Work
Vested interests choose to maintain status
In Congress, Fear is Rampant
Corporate Personhood
(nukes, Offshore oil drilling)
Saudi Arabia
Traditional mindset
(Church, authority figurehead, nuclear family and grandpa’s
Lost Jobs from blue collar sector
Average or below education
Skeptical of science, higher education, and
Trapped by circumstances not of their making
Willing to take green jobs
Horizon Located in
GOM operated by
BP. Sank to the
bottom after
burning for three
days and killing 11
Now Leaking At:
1,000 bbl/day
5,000 bbl/day
25,000 bbl/day
50,000 bbl/day?
BP 2009 EIS
estimated 162,000
Other: 200,000
Little disagreement among climate scientists
Tobacco science is funded by those interested in
maintaining status quo
400 ppm CO2 is a tipping point - We are at 387
Climate change is perceived as too expensive to
deal with – but climate change and energy costs
will drive the economy for decades
Climate change and energy can bring prosperity
Create the vision of your future
Resiliency vs. Efficiency
Bernard Leitaer and local currency
Local networks
Local food
Framing our stories
Move to amend
Climate Prosperity
(soviets, local neighborhoods,swamps)
(Paul Hawken)
The work you do in the crawlspace
makes a difference to the planet
The US is twice as energy intensive as
most of Europe and Asia.
Much of northern Europe and Japan have
a higher standard of living that the US
 We
have the power to
make this the best
generation in the history
of mankind, or to make
it the last
“There’s a better
way to do it…
find it”
Phil Loudon, Arctic Technical Services
[email protected] 907-452-8368
Scott Waterman, AHFC Energy Programs
[email protected] 907-330-8195
Rich Seifert, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Cooperative Extension, energy, housing &
radon specialist [email protected], 1-800-478-8324
AHFC Research Information Center
(907) 330-8164 or 1-800-478-4636
(RIC Library)