The National insititutional set-up

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Transcript The National insititutional set-up

Canada’s CDM & JI Office
First UNFCCC Workshop on the Implementation
of Article 6 Projects Under the Kyoto Protocol
May 26 - 27, 2004
Moscow, Russia
Canadian Climate Change Institutions
JI eligibility requirements
Canadian inventory
Status of the Canadian registry
Status of the Canadian national system
Canadian Perspectives on JI
Joint Implementation (JI)
• Projects implemented by Annex I Parties with
targets under Annex B
• Emission reductions and enhancement of sinks
must be additional
• Approval by Parties involved
• Projects can start in 2000 – earn credits as of 2008
• Marrakesh Accords established a two-track JI
• Entities and Parties can voluntarily opt for Track II JI
Eligibility to participate in JI Track I
Parties involved in JI Track I must:
• Be a Party to the Kyoto Protocol
• Have established an inventory of assigned amounts units
• Have national system in place to estimate GHG emissions and
sinks, and provide annual updates
• Have a national registry
• Submit supplemental information on changes to total assigned
amount units
• Submit inventory and National Communication for Expert Team
JI Track II
• Parties not meeting all requirements can still
participate in JI under Track II but must still:
– Be a Party to the Kyoto Protocol
– Have established initial assigned amount
– Have a national registry
• Parties can voluntarily opt for Track II
• Projects subject to third party verification (AIE)
• Role of JI Supervisory Committee (A6SC)
National Inventory: International
Submissions to UNFCCC
• Annual inventory submissions since entry into force
of the UNFCCC convention
• Canada has generally met reporting requirements
– Currently upgrading to meet UNFCCC and IPCC’s
Good Practice Guidance standards
– Moving to Tier 2 methods for key inventory
– Preparing for reporting of Kyoto sinks
Canadian Inventory: Mandatory
Greenhouse Gas Reporting
Mandatory facility level reporting
National coverage
Phase I reporting threshold at 100KT for CO2 eq
First submissions due June 1, 2005
Environment Canada intends to publish the GHG
emissions data by facility
• Scope, parameters of system likely enhanced in
subsequent phases
• Will complement but not replace top-down approach
used for UNFCCC submissions
Status of Canadian Registry
Currently assessing technical options
Will be in place by January 1, 2006
Synergies with National Inventory System
Possibility of using an “off-the-shelf” solution
Registry administrator to be designated
Canadian Perspectives on JI
• Canada’s CDM and JI Office acts as focal point;
responsible for approving JI and CDM projects
• Developing guidelines with Interdepartmental
Steering Committee
• Guidelines will:
– Provide steps and procedures
– Ensure synergies with other domestic initiatives
– Will evolve over time
Status of Canadian Mechanisms
• On track for meeting national inventory system
• JI approval procedures being elaborated
• Registry options being examined
• Canadian companies active in the JI market
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